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Looking for 1 owner to take over team in 1st year dynasty league (1 Viewer)


Hey all, I'm looking for an owner to take over a free 16-team IDP PPR 1st year dynasty league on FleaFlicker. I'll be up front here to tell you what your taking on. We already had the draft. The guy who had the team wasn't able to get in the draft room due to java/etc. technical issues. So it is an autopick team. But we did do an email draft for the first 3 or 4 rounds so he does have some top level players on there. Highlights of the roster include Tony Romo, Doug Martin, Steven Jackson, Jonathan Stewart, Sebastian Janikowski, and ohhhh yeah, he's even got Megatron himself, Calvin Johnson. He has a few pretty good defensive players too. A few decent guys on the bench. The autopick didn't completely fail him, cause I can remember at least 2 instances from the draft where it took a guy I wanted.

Anyways, if you think you may be interested, email me back at celticblood9@yahoo.com. We're just starting this league up, so everyone's more or less gonna be at the same level. We're all just starting to build that league camaraderie right now & getting to know each other, so get in before you're a stranger! :)

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