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Looking for 2 Owners ($100 3-Player Keeper) (1 Viewer)


I am looking for 2 owners to fill out our 3 player keeper league. We already have ten owners. This will be our first year for this league. Almost all of us have been apart of keeper/redraft leagues for over 10 years. Interested owners need to be committed, experienced, and active. We have a very active bunch with experienced owners.

The league fee is $100 and $50 for the following year to trade picks. You can only trade up to one year later. This $50 will go to your next year's fee so that owners won't just trade picks and leave their team high and dry.

The league will be going through leaguesafe.com.

The league scoring rules are partially PPR, but for the most part standard.

If you are interested, please contact me at csciba@hotmail.com, or I can answer more questions here.
How does a 3 player keeper work? Do you designate at draft? Later? End of season? Or what?

You mention your rules are "partially PPR." What does that mean?


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