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Looking for a league to join! (1 Viewer)

I have 1 spot in $35 nfl.com league, standard scoring & points, 10 players, h2h, live snake draft tues 7pm est, money handled thru leaguesafe.com


1st- $275

2nd- $75

let me know if you are interested.



Have a free League you can join, we already drafted , were looking for someone who loves to play and is a fantasy die hard who wouldnt mind taking over a team from a owner who quit because he couldnt get his way in a trade. not a bad team needs a little work. if your interested email me info@sayinitplain.net and will get you right in.


10 team nfl standard (h2h ansd snake). $50 paypal entry. Winner takes all. Post your email if you're interested. Draft Wed or Thursday before kickoff.


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