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Looking for IDP/AUCTION/DYNASTY League (NEW) (1 Viewer)


If your looking for a Manager with 15+ years in FF, and you have a NEW .... IDP/AUCTION/DYNASTY League, then PM and let me know.


If any one is interested in joining this style league and we can't find one to join let me know.

I'll start the league and open to have a co-commissioner. The Fees would be held by "League Safe".

Held on "My Fantasy League"

12 team


$85 Entry

$10 2014'Fee

$5 for Personalized League Graphics (Based on Majority Vote)

Rookie Draft Starting 2014 (Serpentine or Auction based on Majority Vote)

Pay Out:

4 Team Battle Royal Week 13-16 (Top Two Points Scorers Pays)

2 Divisions - Winners


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