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looking for leagues to get into (1 Viewer)

Yahoo PPR League! $100 buy in LeagueSafe

** ENTRY FEE: $100 - Transfer via LeagueSafe
** PAYOUTS: 1st, 2nd and 3rd place
** DRAFT: Live Draft Online - Tuesday September 3rd @ 9:00PM EST.

This is a high scoring, fast paced league with no waiver wire. Make free agency moves whenever you want. Keep an eye out for injuries on Sunday during the games, great time to snag a player. Serious football fans and fantasy football lovers will do best in this league.

View the rules before joining. Your team will be locked until Paypal is sent. Once Paypal is sent you are in the league, so be sure you want to play before sending the entry fee.

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I've got a Keeper League with IDP going on CBS. $125 buy-in with weekly $20 payout for high score. It's a 10-team league.


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