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Looking to take over a dynasty team that's in really bad shape (1 Viewer)


I've been active in dynasties for quite a few years now, and my favorite challenge is taking over a struggling dynasty team and turning it around. If you have an open team in your league that's in pretty rough shape, I'd love to give it a shot - the worse the better! Send me a message if you have an opening

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We have a standard, 12-team, PPR dynasty that is looking for two new owners.


Once we get both new owners, they will participate in a dispersal draft of the players on both open teams.

Both rosters are here:



They are not particularly bad teams, but they have older players than people normally seek when joining a dynasty.

However, the league is super-active as far as trading, and you should be able to trade into a new team relatively quickly.

I am the commissioner, and my team is Schizo.

[SIZE=medium]The team that's available is the Jersey Generals. [[/SIZE][SIZE=medium]football6.myfantasyleague.com[/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]This league has been around since 1998 and has been slightly modified from the normal Scoresheet leagues. We tried very hard to emulate the NFL as much as possible. It includes salary cap, Auction Draft, 11 players on defense and rookie drafts, (which are approaching soon) and many other cool upgrades. Many trades! Check out the site and let me know if you're interested. thanks and you can email me at [/SIZE][SIZE=medium]johnking0805@gmail.com[/SIZE]


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