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Looking to take over dynasty league team (1 Viewer)


I've found that I enjoy taking over teams and rebuilding them, so if you have a team that needs a new owner I might be your guy. I've been playing for 10+ years and have plenty of IDP experience. I also play in a couple of 2 QB leagues so I'm comfortable with that format. However, I'm maxed out on my budget for pay leagues so anything beyond paying the MFL fees is more than I'm looking to do right now. I know there are competetive free leagues out there because I'm in a couple. If you have an opening that you think I'm a good match for let me know. :)

Our Dynasty league may have a few openings since several owners have failed to reply to e-mails recently. Please send me your contact info & I will send you a link to the league. We play on MFL & the only cost is the fees. It is a 14 team league with 23 roster spots. We have a 3 round rookie draft in the beginning of Aug.

E-mail: Punishers69@yahoo.com


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