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Anyone else getting nervous with LT now that the playoffs are starting. I have LT, slayton, DeAngelo Williams and Peyton Hillis and have to sit one for my first round of playoffs and I am considering sitting LT with the poor O line that sd has and his poor performance he is putting up each week.

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Why would you sit LT?!!

- Just because he had 14 carries for 24yds against an ATL run D that allows 4.8 ypc?! He did score and had 5 rec for 42 yds, so he had that going for him.

- Because he rushed for 21 carries for 84 yds against a sad IND run D?

- Or was it the 22 carries for 78 yds vs KC? :unsure:

This isn't another LT rant/excuse thread, I just wanted to point out his "juicy" past matchups and what he did against them. I would sit him over all of the rb's you have. Even if he is 100%, his O-line and FB are pathetic. Who would've thought Lorenzo Neal was the true MVP of that offense? :mellow:

I got to roll with him. This is do or die for San Diego and I think he comes up pretty big this week.


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