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Masters Redraft and Dynasty Drafts this weekend (1 Viewer)


Mastersfantasyfootballleagues is running a Bronze ($122) Live draft tonite at 9:00pm ET, a Bronze and a Silver Live ($281) on Saturday and a Bronze Live and Copper Dynasty ($132)* on Sunday....most nights we have been running overflow drafts as well.. if you prefer email drafts we have those running as well, they start as soon as they fill.

We are now running live drafts 7 days a week...mostly Bronzes with a few Copper's ($71) and SIlver's ($281) mixed in....any night you want to draft we have leagues drafting.

Schedule/Rules - http://mastersfantasyfootballleagues.com/rules_livedraft.php

Homepage - http://mastersfantasyfootballleagues.com/index.php

If you prefer dynasty leagues we have lots of those as well....the grand majority are email drafts....the only Dynasty Live drafts we are currently running are Coppers ($132)on Sunday nights...the live drafts for the other Dynasty Leagues do not start till later in the season...we are currently filling Tin Dynasty #5 ($80), Bronze #3 ($236) and Silver #1 ($554), the Silver needs 3 to fill...the others are close as well.*

*All Masters Standard Dynasty Leagues Require you to pay 1 year in advance, the dollars above are total outlay to join.

If you elect to do a dynasty league please read the rules carefully, all of our Masters Standard Dynasty Leagues are paid 1 year in advance...this rule keeps all of the 3-10 teams from bailing and keeps our Dynasty Leagues very stable so you do not need to worry about building a super team and the other owners leaving the league...we only want 100% committed owners in our dynasty leagues and that is exactly what we have...here is the link to the dynasty league rules. If you are not 100% committed do not join.

Dynasty League Rules - https://mastersfantasyfootballleagues.com/rules_dynasty.php

All leagues are 12 team, H2H, ppr with blind bidding.

If you are looking to draft we have leagues drafting 7 days a week from now till start of the season.


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