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Maximizing Your FBG IDP Inseason Experience (1 Viewer)

Jene Bramel

We’re just a month away from the start of the regular season and with our ever-increasing Forum readership, I thought it might be worthwhile to summarize both the well-known and little-known things we do around here during the season. Not all of them are subscriber-only features. In fact, while we’d like everyone to subscribe, we’re dedicated to keeping FBG the only place you need to go during the week for IDP news and analysis.

Subscribing to the IDP Forum by E-mail or RSS

The most critical IDP player news updates will usually end up in FBG daily email updates and critical news email updates, as the knee injuries to Jason Taylor and Osi Umenyiora did this week. However, news breaks on this Forum almost immediately after it happens and is quickly followed by all kinds of solid analysis from homers, vet posters and staff. Inseason, it isn’t unusual to have 20 new threads a day posted in the Forum.

You can have any new thread emailed to your inbox or picked up by an RSS reader and never again worry that you’ll miss the latest IDP news. You can also subscribe to any particular thread and have the FBG email server notify you when a new reply has been posted in that thread. The link to add the IDP Forum to your RSS reader of choice is in the lower left hand corner of each forum webpage, or at this link. You can subscribe to the IDP Forum to get emails sent to your inbox when a new thread is started by clicking on the link from the Forum Options pull-down menu found just under the New Topic button below the pinned threads section. If you just want to monitor one specific thread, you can click on the “Track this Topic” link from the Options menu at the top right within each thread.

IDP Assistant Coach Forum

Get advice on all your team specific IDP questions in our subforum. You can help us give our best answers by providing as much information as possible – scoring system, lineup requirements, matchups with home and away noted, etc. There are a couple of regular staff respondents as well as some very good veteran posters that will often add replies within a few hours. We’re trying to keep the main IDP Forum focused on general news, analysis and strategy only, so please post all team specific issues in the subforum and don’t be offended if one of the moderators moves a thread.

Sunday AM Updates and Inactives

Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that we’ll be able to do this every Sunday. However, where our personal work schedules allow, we’ll be posting all major IDP news, gameday IDP inactives and adding relevant analysis on Sunday mornings. Last season, our Sunday AM readership was significantly brisker than the year before and we’re expecting an even bigger bump this season.

IDP Roundtable Weekly Podcast on The Audible

For the third season running, Sigmund Bloom and Cecil Lammey (and friends) will be producing a huge amount of free content on The Audible. John Norton and I will be joining them for our third season of the IDP Roundtable. We’ll be recording on Tuesday nights this season and covering all the major IDP news of the prior weekend and week ahead. You can subscribe to The Audible on i-tunes or get each week’s podcast from our podcast page on Wednesday nights (or sooner) every week. The podcast feed is also available by RSS (linked from the podcast page).

All of the above are free for everyone all year long. For those of you who want the full thrust of the FBG IDP experience, here’s our current slate of expected subscriber features.

IDP Matchup Analyzer Tool

Our master stat and database wizard, Doug Drinen, put together a killer IDP matchup database last season. Using the IDP MAT, you can search for IDP stat lines by NFL team and by position (including ILB, OLB, DT and CB) for any number of weeks you wish. You’ll be able to see how all OLBs have done against a given team over the prior month. You’ll be able to see if a given CB has been consistent against passing offenses. You’ll be able to see how a group of linebackers have had their value change after an injury to one of their surrounding cast. You’ll be able to see if there’s a trend for pretty much anything.

MyFBG function

Doug also added a fully customizable database function last season. After entering your league’s profile and scoring system, you’ll be able to generate customized weekly cheatsheets and projection lists based on John Norton’s stat projections every week. You’ll also be able to get a customized forward SOS and links to all relevant news for players that you tag in the system, including mentions in our weekly articles and email updates.

Last, but certainly not least, our weekly lineup is unmatched anywhere on the net for its depth and timeliness. While our IDP community provides more information on the Forums and weekly podcast than you’ll get for a fee anywhere else, there’s still more analysis and opinion behind the subscriber curtain. In addition to all of the above, subscribers have access to:

IDP Upgrades and Waiver Wire Suggestions (Monday) – Aaron Rudnicki

The earliest and deepest column anywhere on emerging IDP options across all leagues, deep to shallow, tackle to big play heavy and everywhere in between.

Early IDP Projections with Daily Updates (Tuesday) – John Norton

Full set of projections (with daily updates) each week to generate customized cheatsheets and rankings by every position.

Reading the Defense (Wednesday) – Jene Bramel

Analysis of recent news and relevant trends with an eye on statistical and scheme analysis and a little gut feel.

IDP Dynasty Buy Low/Sell High (Wednesday-Thursday) – Anthony Borbely

Deep look at the dynasty trader’s market from an IDP only perspective.

Eyes of the Guru (Thursday) – John Norton

Industry standard review of every major IDP story of the week.

IDP Sleepers (Wednesday-Thursday) --Anthony Borbely

Analysis of potential deep sleepers for the coming week.

General Admission (Thursday) – Dave Baker

More analysis and review of selected IDP players, teams and situations.

IDP Matchup Tool (Thursday) - Larry Thomas

Downloadable spreadsheet full of opportunity data and new metrics, including a searchable and color-coded analyzer tool for each defense's best pass rushing and tackle matchups, to help with waiver and lineup decisions.

IDP Matchups to Exploit and Avoid (Thursday) - Dave Larkin and Larry Thomas

Highlights a few of the best weekly pass rush and tackle matchups from the IDP Opportunity Analyzer tools in Thomas' matchup spreadsheet.

Ear to the Ground (Friday) – Bob Magaw

Data analysis, dynasty thoughts, emerging trends, scouting reviews, IDP goods galore.

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We're introducing two new features to our regular rotation, both likely to be released on Thursday every week.

First, new staffer Larry Thomas is bringing his IDP Matchup Spreadsheets and Opportunity Analyzer tools to FBG. The spreadsheets provide weekly and seasonal averages of mulitple opportunity stats and introduce new metrics to determine the best weekly pass rush and tackle matchups.

Based on the weekly Analyzer data, Larry and I will be highlighting each week's best and worst pass rush and tackle matchups in a new IDP Matchups to Exploit and Avoid column, which will also include Analyzer data for all 32 teams.

Bump for some of our newbies who may not be aware of all that we do, both free and subscriber content. To my knowledge, we're planning the same slate of features in the opening post this season.


Wow, I'm really looking forward to checking all this out, especially the IDP Roundtable. That will be the ultimate cerebral football minds discussing all matters IDP fantasy football - for two hours! I cannot wait.

One final preseason bump as the first set of IDP weekly projections, IDP columns, podcasts and more roll out over the next 24-48 hours.

Bumping for the 2010 season. I'm reasonably certain that all the features listed as subscriber columns will be back again for 2010, and I'll update with any changes as I hear of them.

Are any of the IDP features mailed out??? Any thoughts to allowing us to decide which features/articles get emailed out - (probably should have checked if this is already available)...

Are any of the IDP features mailed out??? Any thoughts to allowing us to decide which features/articles get emailed out - (probably should have checked if this is already available)...
None of the IDP features will be mailed out. That honor is reserved for our most popular features so that we don't overload mailboxes.We have discussed allowing subscribers to choose their own alerts and emails, but haven't implemented it yet. That, along with allowing comments at the bottom of each column, will hopefully be a feature we offer in the future.
One final bump for the 2010 season and a brief FBG commercial :goodposting: .

If you're not a FBG Insider, here's what you've missed so far this week:

Rudnicki -- IDP Upgrades/Downgrades (Mon)

S Chris Harris, CHI

Harris was expected to solidify the Bears secondary this year but he struggled in coverage during the preseason and looked like he may have been benched this week against the Lions. Rookie Major Wright subbed in for him several times during the game and apparently played well enough to convince the coaches that he should be out there at the end of the game with the Lions marching for a game-winning touchdown. We may continue to see these players share time at the free safety position, but it seems apparent that Harris is only holding onto the spot until Wright is ready to take over.

Bramel -- Reading the Defense (Wed)
Rocky McIntosh (8-2-1, PD) vs Dan Connor (10-3-1)

For many, this may be the biggest waiver wire decision you make this week. And it's not an easy one. Dan Connor was extremely sudden coming downhill against the Giants at times and even cashed in a sack on a slow-to-develop blitz. That performance should remove any sliver of doubt that he'll remain at MLB for the rest of the year. But he left the field in subpackages and the Giants ran the ball 32 times and provided 57 tackle opportunities. Both of those facts should be taken very seriously. This is an Andra Davis, AJ Hawk kind of situation and Connor may have just as many 2-4 solo weeks as 5-7 solo weeks. Conversely, Rocky McIntosh, after a slow start, showed yet again what an every-down 3-4 WILB can do. He pursued well, covered well and got some blitz opportunities. His situation is very similar to that of a guy like Paul Posluszny, except that London Fletcher got better at getting off blocks as the game went along and LaRon Landry looks like a potential 100 solo tackle player himself. I think the right call is McIntosh here, but if you're looking for a guy you'll be playing matchups with anyway, the decision is much closer.

I briefly noted it in the opening section, but there's finally some clarity among the linebacker roles in Jacksonville. Kirk Morrison played only a spare snap or three in subpackages, with the team choosing to use both Daryl Smith and Justin Durant in the nickel. When the Jags used dime personnel, Smith stayed on the field. The strong-weak designations aren't as clear, but Smith was the WLB in the majority of base situations. Morrison will still be a reasonable LB3+ in some matchups, but Smith looks to be the most valuable Jaguars' linebacker. Consider him a safe LB3 or better in most weeks.

Norton -- Eyes of the Guru (Thurs)
Before injuring his had Gary Brackett looked pretty good in the preseason. He didn't look so good chasing Arian Foster down the field on Sunday. Brackett seemed a little slow to react and not very fleet of foot in this game. Some of his struggles can be contributed to the front four, and particularly the interior linemen, getting their lunches eaten by the Texans offensive line. Brackett had blockers in his face all day. The bottom line here is that Brackett didn't look the same as he has in the past. Maybe its a one bad week thing or maybe it was the simple fact that Houston made the entire defense look bad. Either way there is reason for a little concern. Especially when you consider how good rookie Pat Angerer looked throughout the preseason.

Magaw -- Ear to the Ground (Thurs)
SS Jordan Babineaux (5-2 & 1 INT, #14 DB) was supposed to start this season, but was unexpectedly beaten out by Lawyer Milloy (3-0). He could be a popular waiver wire add in IDP leagues this week, but it is unclear what his role will be in 2010, and he could be mired in a SSBC-role, and situational use. On the other hand, Milloy is ancient at 36 by NFL standards.

Baker -- General Admission (Thurs)
One of the defensive tackles I still expect big things this year from is the Titan's Jason Jones. Jones, a second round draft pick in 2008 out of Eastern Michigan, has the talent to be a Pro Bowler if he can only remain healthy. In his rookie season, Jones had 24-7 tackles, five sacks and three forced fumbles in only 13 games. A shoulder injury caused him to miss nine games last year, but he still managed four sacks...

Jones is one of the most important factors in what Titans defensive coordinator dubbed as the “no-name defense.” While they may not quite live up to their namesake 1972 Miami Dolphins defense, the Titans have some young unheralded talent that could surprise many in the league. DEs Derrick Morgan and William Hayes, LB Gerald McRath, and DB Michael Griffin are just some of names they can throw at you. Jones has a combination of quickness and strength uncommon at his position and he's versatile to play on the outside when needed. But first they must all be on the field...

Borbely -- IDP Buy Low, Sell High
LB Thomas Howard, Oakland Raiders: After Oakland got mauled by Tennessee last week, I had to wonder why on earth they would start Quentin Groves at LB in a 4-3 defense. Not only is he playing out of position, he simply is not a very good player. Enter Thomas Howard. This is strictly a gut feeling, but I really think Howard is going to wind up starting this year for the Raiders. He has been a solid fantasy LB in the past and can probably be acquired for a cheap price right now. Obviously there is some risk because he may just stay on the bench, but the cost is cheap and the reward could be solid, so if you do not mind taking a small risk, go ahead and make an offer.

That doesn't include frequently updated weekly customizable projections for over 350 players, the tackle opportunity and pass rush stat breakdowns in Larry Thomas' matchup spreadsheet and accompanying suggestions in my matchup column and Borbely's IDP Sleepers column or the extensive preseason coverage and analysis from April through August. We've got the free podcast and tons of great analysis throughout this Forum to keep you up to speed, but the above is just of a fraction of the depth of analysis we're doing behind the curtain.

And that's just the IDP content. If you missed Matt Waldman's Film Room column detailing and breaking down the Saints' game plan against Minnesota's defensive line, or Bloom's weekly Buy Low, Sell High or any number of other great columns, you're missing some great football discussion, fake football related or otherwise.

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