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McKinnon Trade (1 Viewer)


10 team keeper league, we must keep 4 players.  6pt TD, 10 yds rushing/receiving, .5 ppr

Potential keepers on my team
QB: Wentz
RB: D Johnson, McKinnon, Ajayi
WR: Hill, Crabtree, Kupp, Fuller

I have the first pick in the e4qr5 so barkley is a given.  Johnson and Hill are my easy picks for keepers, but after that its pretty weak.  I was trying to trade McKinnon for a better WR but no such luck.  Someone just offered to give me their first round pick (#3).  I don't have a lot of faith in McKinnon this season but not sure if I should make this trade.  

Should I make the trade now or wait for the season to start and hope to have a chance to trade him then?



who is likely available at pick #3?
Most keeper selections follow the standard PPR ADP on FFC.  Howard and Allen are the exception and I expected the guy at pick 2 to take one of them.  I am going to try to get some idea of if he is considering Allen but he could really go either way.  he has two good RB's and two good WR as his keepers.

Other players



IBL Representative
I am going the opposite unless you can start 3 RB

basically this trade is McKinnon for Ajayi and Freeman,Allen or another WR

If starting 2RB, than you have Barkley and Johnson. McKinnon is on bench. Do you feel you can do better than above and it will be tough. 

If starting 3, still comes down do you like McKinnon or Ajayi and Robinson. 

Maybe see if you can get to the 2 spot from the 3 to get Allen. 


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