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Michael Pittman Questionable For Week 9? (1 Viewer)


Will the Torain hype go into overdrive even more this week?

Consider that each of Denver's other three active running backs are suffering from some sort of injury, whether it is Pittman's bruised ribs that will likely have him questionable for the Miami game or Selvin Young's sore groin that has kept him out of the past two games or Andre Hall's sprained wrist suffered earlier this month.


This is just an excuse for Shanahan to put Torian into the game.

(BTW, "excuse for Shanahan" will now replace "ploy to motivate" as the ubiquitous Denver-related catchphrase)

Please keep the hype on overdrive, thank you. I picked him up weeks ago with the idea of unloading him when expectations were unreasonably high, and it looks like we're right on track!!!


Even if Torain gets the start theres no way I can start him vs a semi-tough Miami defense without seeing him play in 1 game.

Hell yeah! I've been holding onto Torain for 3 weeks now. This is all Shanahan needs!

There is a reason why a roster spot was reserved for him all this time!

Welcome to the party Torain! Back to passing downs and goaline situations for Pittman! Goodbye Selvin, say hi to Tatum!


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