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Mike Evans for Justin Herbert in dynasty? (1 Viewer)

Long Ball Larry

14 team dynasty league

Ppr, 4 pt pass TD

start 1 rb, 2 wr, 1 te, 4 flex

So I have baker mayfield and trash at qb. My rb/te/wr are:





demarcus Robinson 

nico Collins 



jonathan Taylor


darrell William

Dernest  Johnson 


jared cook

Jonnu smith

with the 4 flex I can kind of start whomever so I feel pretty loaded.  He wanted lamb for Herbert, which I shot down, but is Evans for Herbert too much in this situation?



You are extremely thin at WR.  This makes it even worse.  You have no reliable WR2  as a starter if you make this move.  Is there any waiver possibilities?  Can you get a WR thrown into the deal?  some WR4 type that you can then try and play matchups with.  Right now you basically have Pittman/Collins as matchup starts because Julio can't be trusted to stay healthy.  That is pretty dire.  

Herbert is a solid get and you wouldn't have to worry about QB for the foreseeable future so it's really close to an accept for me.  I would just like a path to improvement at WR to make that deal.  



Herbert would be a great get.  But as Gally said, this leaves you extremely thin at WR.  Is the point difference you gain with Herbert gonna be more than what you would lose with Evans?  I'm guessing I would lean towards making the trade with the belief I'd rather have the problem of finding a WR2 than trying to find a QB1.


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