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Morgan Burnett thoughts? (1 Viewer)


I'm a bit of an idp novice

We only have one db to start in our league

I've been rolling pollard

Should I switch to Burnett?

If healthy, Burnett should be a good start at DB/S in IDP leagues. Biggest concern is whether or not he is really back close to full health yet.

He is supposed to be rated as one of the best and from what I have gathered he is now healthy. Whether he would be better to own than Pollard I have no idea.

He hasn't broken out yet, but I guess a big game could be coming soon. If you are playing week to week, maybe look for a TJ Ward or Reshad Jones also.

Tj ward is injury prone go Burnett his first 2 games back he was average which is a good sign. With greenbays d hurt I look for Burnett to have 6 or 7 tackles this week.

That's kind of hard to answer because variance carries so much weight in shallow leagues.

You're basically looking for a top 5 owned guy every week in a start 1.

In my league, averaging 9 ppg for the season puts you top 5, but in any given week there are 30 guys that score 9+

You could do worse than Burnett. If he returns to form he's one of the best bets in the league to finish top 5 at the end of the season. If you're new to IDP though, be aware than DBs can vary in scoring by wide margins. Burnett will probably have a high floor, though.

Any further insight on Burnett? Just a slow start? Bad matchups? Or drop him if there's better choices out there (Rambo is on the wire and with Merriweather and Doughty out, he looks to start and have a big game...)?

Burnett has racked up points over the years as teams would air it out to try to keep up with Green Bay. GB now has the ability to pound the rock and take over games even when other teams are expecting the run.

I'm holding for now. I know the potential's there but maybe he's just getting back in game shape? That could be totally wrong, but he's been so good in the past that I'm willing to hold him longer than I would others. It's not like he's putting up zeros, so if your team's solid you can afford to hold on. But DBs can usually be found on the WW, so if you are firm in your thoughts of him not being a top guy anymore then go shopping.

Let him go in standard leagues not keeper leagues. He's playing great getting tackles just needs the big plays to role in

Well, since he's been back:

  • 3TK, 2ATK and 1 PDef
  • 3TK, 6ATK
  • 3TK, 1 PDef
  • 5TK, 3ATK
Not what I was hoping for, but 8 & 9 total tackles 2 out of the last 3 weeks isn't bad. I think he'll get better as season goes on. His history has me leaning towards holding him, since these last few weeks could be his floor.

ETA - Looks like that week where Burnett only had 4 total tackles was against Weeden and the Browns. There might not of been many opportunities for him that week. I think Weeden only completed 17 passes that week and the Browns running game was horrid. Looks like the 2 CBs and LBs ate the tackels before Burnett could get there. I'm hoping this is an anomaly.

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Not sure. I'd like to see a DB Tier update from Bramel and see where he has him. I'm not cutting bait yet, but I'm getting close.

I drafted him as my DB1 - and as of this week he is not even on my roster, having been supplanted by Barry Church, LaRon Landry, James Ihedigbo and Andrew Sendejo...hell even if I don't get one of those guys Jonathan Cyprien is STILL outplaying Burnett. What is happening? Part of it I am sure is residual from the injury. Part of it could be scheme cause by other injuries across the defense. Part of it could be that the team itself is worse and affords less opportunites for Burnett to take chances. In any case, he is dead to me.

Great matchups coming up. I would like to know if there dropping him into pass instead of playing the run. If so with Rodgers out he's a rough start

He has been creeping up to play the run. He used to rack up points as teams were forced to pass to keep up with Rodgers. I've watched every game he's played and I'm starting Mike Mitchell over him.

Burnett, Weddle or Pollard

Going to drop Flowers. Those seem to be the best names available.

Is this guy back now?

yeah, it sounds like he was in the box a lot last week, which is promising.

I'd love some splash points

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well, apparently they pulled jennings during that game and replaced him with richardson, moving burnett to fs in the process with richardson in the ss role



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