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Must drop 2; who should they be (1 Viewer)


12 Team full point PPR Keeper league....16 man roster....draft is over and I must drop 2 players.....6pts per TD, 5 pt bonus for rushing or receiving over 100 yards. We must keep 1QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs. So who I drop could be picked up by another team and kept....

RBs - Akers, Montgomery, Sanders, Hunt, Penny, K. Herbert (Montgomery handcuff)
WRs - Deebo, Evans, M. Williams, Bateman, Claypool, and Lockett
TEs - Waller, Albert Okwuegbunam (AO)

Akers, Montgomery, Deebo, Evans, Williams, Bateman, Waller are not going anywhere. Feel like I have to keep Herbert as Montgomery's handcuff

So it comes down to Hunt, Penny, Sanders, Claypool, Lockett, and AO..

I'm leaning on dropping Lockett and Claypool and here is why. Think I need to keep AO due to Waller's health issues. I know Penny is a health risk and Walker is on his tail, but if Penny can stay healthy, he can at least deliver RB 2 numbers with RB1 potential. Hunt is a PPR beast and if Chubb were to get hurt, then Hunt would take over....however, Hunt is dealing with his own health issues and he has Johnson on his heals as well. Eagles HC came out and said Sanders is their RB1, for how long, not sure, but would I be crazy top drop an RB1 in a keeper league

Not sure how effective Lockett will be with Geno as the starter and Claypool is behind Johnson and possibly Pickens and did I mention Trubisky throwing to him.

Thoughts.....add your link and I'll offer my thoughts on your question

Keith R

The Don
Claypool I clearly agree with.

It would be nice to keep Lockett for 2023 and beyond, but I don't think you have that luxury, given your relatively shallow rosters. The only other possibility I consider is dropping AO. I don't think he is a great asset in a vacuum, and if you can get a TE from the WW if need be who isn't much of a drop down, I would lean that way. But that depends on what you expect the FA pool to look like TE-wise.


I'd go with Lockett and Claypool too. The Hawks are going to be one of the worst teams in football this year imo, and even if they get their franchise QB next year its unlikely to make him fantasy relevant. I'm a Steelers fan and think Trubisky is going to surprise people in a positive way, but Johnson is top dog there and I think Claypool is already likely to lose his job in 2WR sets to Pickens. Claypool doesn't have the mental drive to live up to his potential

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