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The NCFF is a dynasty fantasy football league that is designed to look like the college football landscape.

In this league, NFL rookies are freshmen, and fourth-year players are seniors. There are plenty of quality fantasy players in this format, but the supply is pretty narrow so you have to be good at recruiting to have enough talent on your squad.

We are essentially a group of ten-team conferences. We have a national championship tournament after the conference season, and for those teams that are not quite tournament material, there are bowl games to be played.

2013 will be our inaugural season, and we plan on having two 10-team conferences. If interest really picks up we may begin with a third conference.

You can play in the NCFF for either $50 or for $20. With a $50 Large Program, you also get some additional benefits, including some recruiting benefits. League has 100% payout and will use LeagueSafe.

If you are looking for a free league, we also have free teams available in this format. Free teams will not be competing against paying teams.

Check out the myfantasyleague.com site for additional information. Contact me if you have any questions.




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