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need 1 new owner for 2nd year keeper league (1 Viewer)


First, here is the link to the team's roster needing an owner...

draft in the 5 spot (also does not have a rd 2 pick---traded for Ryan Mathews)

Now, for some quick, but important info....

1. League cost $40...100% payout. (winnings made to champion,runner up,and 2 highest scoring teams weeks 1-11)
2. League will be on yahoo...we used fleaflicker last year.
3. We use value point scoring (win 2pts and top 6 scoring teams earn a pt.)
4. regular season is 11 weeks (everybody plays everyone once)...there will be regular and toilet bowl playoffs that run weeks 12-16. championship game is 2 weeks. toilet bowl champion gets the #13 pick in round 1.
5. scoring rules
6. 18 player roster 11 starters (qb,2 rb,3wr,te,2 flex (rb/wr/te),def,pk

7. This is a keep 3, no restrictions, league each year.---keeper date will be announced once an owner is found.

If you are interested please email me at raymanning@hotmail.com for more info.

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