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Need 1 owner, 2nd year dyno. decent squad (1 Viewer)


Smells like chicken
Need 1 owner to join my very active dyno league. This team is decent. Needs a little work.

PM me for details. 2013 is rolling and trading is going on.

league Fees due by April 1

Rookie draft is Monday after NFL draft


Cassel, Matt KCC QB

Flynn, Matt SEA QB

Romo, Tony DAL QB

Benson, Cedric GBP RB

Bush, Michael CHI RB

Lynch, Marshawn SEA RB

Murray, DeMarco DAL RB

Polk, Chris PHI RB

Tolbert, Mike CAR RB

Brown, Antonio PIT WR

Floyd, Malcom SDC WR

Ford, Jacoby OAK WR

Henderson, Devery NOS WR

Jennings, Greg GBP WR

Marshall, Brandon CHI WR

Robinson, Laurent JAC WR

Charles, Orson CIN TE

Davis, Fred WAS TE

Cundiff, Billy FA* PK

Janikowski, Sebastian OAK PK

Ravens, Baltimore BAL Def

Saints, New Orleans NOS Def

Year 2013 Draft Pick 1.03

Year 2013 Draft Pick 1.13

Year 2013 Draft Pick 2.03

Year 2013 Draft Pick 3.03

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This is an insanely active and exciting league full of FBGers who like to smack talk. Solid commish with a great rep, payouts came first day available.


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