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Need 1 owner for ~$20-$40 ESPN redraft 10 team (kpr) (1 Viewer)

S 854

Semi-casual H2H redraft league needing one replacement owner. For 2013 we are adding a keeper system to the league for 2014. Some of the league particulars are:

- Live snake draft scheduled for Monday, August 26 @ 7pm PST
- Either $20/$40 league fees (most likely $20). Current payout structure is 1st - $160, 2nd - $40. If $40 fees then there would be weekly payouts (~$10) for highest scoring team that week. 100% payout EOS.
- 1 QB/2 RB/2 WR/1 FLEX (RB/WR)/1 TE/DST/K. One IR spot in-season
- 0.25 pt PPR
- 6pt pass TD's
- fractional scoring
- standard 13 wk regular season, 3 wk playoffs, no wk 17. Standard playoff brackets (ie bye week for top 2 teams, reseed after 1st rd, etc.)
- standard waivers (start off season inverse of draft order)
- keep 0-2 players for next year (cost is 2 rounds higher than previous yr's draft round; full rules are posted on league page)

- most rules are covered in league posts; other rules would be discussed league-wide as needed.

Been playing fantasy for over a decade; commissioner for most of that so I'm pretty experienced. Looking for active guys that won't quit/tank/screw the league as well as open to staying in the league for multiple years. If interested PM me here, post on thread

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