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Need 1 owner for orphan in 12 team PPR dynasty league with contracts-Filled (1 Viewer)


A long-running 12 team PPR dynasty league with player contracts is looking for 1 owner to take over an open team (Pork-Chop Express). Team rosters can be viewed here:


No money involved other than fee to host league on MFL. If interested in open team message me and I can send an excel workbook that shows the contract status for all players heading into 2022 season.

Draft will be held mid to late August. Before the draft we have a 2 week period where owners can bid on restricted free agents (players whose contract expired after 2021 season). We use blind bidding waivers during the season.

Post here if you have questions.

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Still looking for a new owner. The roster page has been updated to display the number of contract years remaining for every player in the league.


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