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12 dynasty team league, Probably going to be a 36 man roster. Its a IDP league, with blind bids & at this time a contract league, but that may change after getting league filled. We will vote on it as a league afterwards.

We reduced the league from 16 to 12, so there will be an reallocating draft of the 4 disbanded teams. Following the completion of finding new owners. Any player drafted will be allow to be signed to a new contract ( If we keep them )

Normally the entry fee is $25, but reducing it to $10 in order to get make it easier for new owners to justify joining. May return to the previous level in a couple of years. Our draft pick trades for 2013 will be allowed, so a Rd. might be 16 picks if all 4 disbanded teams traded their pick. Future draft pick trades will require payment for that year.

Lots of good players will be in the reallocating draft. Will be able to trade for draft picks in reallocating draft.

Also will give new owners a full amount of money for blind bids ( Which is $100 )

My Fantasy League

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It seems one can't look at the rosters without a password. Maybe you could change that in the commissioner's settings?

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One Team taken. Champion's team still available. Team that lost in the semi's is also available.

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Sorry, missed that. Let me know if it works.Defensive Players Available in Realignment DraftOffensive Players Available in Realignment Draft
Thanks - that solved it.
One Team taken. Champion's team still available. Team that lost in the semi's is also available.
All of the open teams are going to be disbanded in order to populate a pool of players for a draft, right? Or does it matter which team you get?
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Need one more owner & we can get this going.

Year 2013 Draft Pick 1.09

Year 2013 Draft Pick 1.13

Year 2013 Draft Pick 1.14

Year 2013 Draft Pick 2.06

Year 2013 Draft Pick 2.07

Year 2013 Draft Pick 2.09

Year 2013 Draft Pick 2.12

Year 2013 Draft Pick 2.13

Year 2013 Draft Pick 2.14

Year 2013 Draft Pick 3.01

Year 2013 Draft Pick 3.10

Year 2013 Draft Pick 3.13

Year 2013 Draft Pick 3.14


Cutler, Jay CHI QB - 6 2

Flacco, Joe BAL QB - 8 2

Brown, Ronnie SDC RB - 7 2

Draughn, Shaun KCC RB - 7 2

Jackson, Steven STL RB - 9 2

Williams, DeAngelo CAR RB 6 3

Baldwin, Doug SEA WR - 11 2

Hilton, T.Y. IND WR - 4 2

Jackson, DeSean PHI WR - 7 4

Jennings, Greg GBP WR - 10 3

Moss, Santana WAS WR - 10 1

Simpson, Jerome MIN WR - 11 3

Chandler, Scott BUF TE (Q) - 8

Keller, Dustin NYJ TE - 9 2

Graham, Shayne HOU PK - 8 1

Vinatieri, Adam IND PK - 4 1

Edwards, Dwan CAR DT - 6 2

Ngata, Haloti BAL DT (Q) 8 2

Campbell, Calais ARI DE 10 2

Harris, David NYJ LB - 9 2

Hawk, A.J. GBP LB - 10 1

Hawthorne, David NOS LB 6 2

McClain, Rolando OAK LB 5 4

Robertson, Craig CLE LB 10 1

Bethea, Antoine IND S - 4 2

Branch, Tyvon OAK S - 5 2

Griffin, Michael TEN S - 11 3

Landry, Dawan JAC S - 6 2

Quin, Glover HOU S - 8 2

29 Total Player

Injured Reserve

Cushing, Brian HOU LB - 8 4

Schofield, O'Brien ARI LB (P) 10 1

Taxi Squad

Martin, Keshawn HOU WR - 8

Posey, DeVier HOU WR (Q) 8

Streater, Rod OAK WR - 5

Upshaw, Courtney BAL LB


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