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Need 1 - SF TEP Devy Dynasty Auction league (1 Viewer)


The Villains Club comic book themed bankroll league.
24 team 2 copy Dynasty Devy Superflex Auction league with TE Prem
12 team depth with double the trade partners.
$60 annually on Leaguesafe (Pay $120 this year and $0 in 2025) for a 2 year commitment.
1 team available for takeover (Magneto) Needs to be a Marvel Villain.
4 auctions per year: Free agent Auction, Rookie Auction, Devy Auction, Garage Sale Auction
1 Devy of the 2 copies every year meaning at least 1 copy of every rookie is in the rookie auction
12 Playoff teams (6 from each 12 team conference)
In season tournaments for BB$ and Cash
Available Team has $1599 to spend (Second most BB$ in the league)
Herbert, Mostert, Sanders, Swift , Z Jones , DK, Wilson, Pitts

Rules: https://www45.myfantasyleague.com/2024/ ... 54581&O=09
Bylaws: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jNg ... sp=sharing
Roster: https://www45.myfantasyleague.com/2024/ ... =07&F=0008
Leaguesafe: https://www.leaguesafe.com/join/4171529

DM or southgate@hotmail.com with any questions etc.
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