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Need 10 owners for 12T Startup Dynasty FF league - Ricky Bobby themed - $35 (Fantrax Treasurer) (1 Viewer)


The startup 12-team Fantrax league uses some cool settings to make it a GM simulation-like experience:
  • 1 FLEX & 1 Superflex
  • 3WR
  • PPR
  • Auction draft
  • Contracts
  • Salary cap with cap hits
  • Draft pick trading
  • 6-team playoffs
  • Deep rosters
Ricky Bobby themed teams are strongly encouraged. I want this to be competitive and super fun! I plan on continuing this every year, and am open to changing the theme every year. We can vote on it.

Entry fee is $35 (Fantrax Treasurer). Drafting August 26 at 7 PM CST

  • 1st: $180
  • Last (2nd): $80
  • Last (3rd): $30
Let me know if you're interested and I'll send you the league rules summary and a link to join.


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