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Need 2 Owners for Dynasty Dispersal Draft (1 Viewer)


We are looking for 2 owners for a dispersal draft in the following league. The league fee is $100 for 2013 plus a $20 deposit towards 2014 (So your 2014 fee would only be $80) so you will pay $120 up front via LeagueSafe. The dispersal pool features Andre Johnson, Drew Brees, Russell Wilson, Alfred Morris, Jeremy Maclin, Wes Welker, Ray Rice, 1.5 Rookie/FA Pick and Joe Flacco.

The complete list of players and picks is as follows:

Rice, Ray BAL RB - 8

Brees, Drew NOS QB - 6

Welker, Wes DEN WR - 7

Johnson, Andre HOU WR - 8

Maclin, Jeremy PHI WR - 7

Amendola, Danny NEP WR - 9

Colston, Marques NOS WR - 6

Flacco, Joe BAL QB - 8

Wilson, Russell SEA QB - 11

Morris, Alfred WAS RB - 10

Hartline, Brian MIA WR - 7

Ponder, Christian MIN QB (Q) - 11

Ball, Lance DEN RB - 7

Bell, Joique DET RB - 5

Brown, Ronnie SDC RB - 7

Gore, Frank SFO RB - 9

Thomas, Daniel MIA RB (Q) - 7

Hill, Stephen NYJ WR - 9

Smith, Steve CAR WR - 6

Chandler, Scott BUF TE (Q) - 8

Fleener, Coby IND TE - 4

Gostkowski, Stephen NEP PK - 9

49ers, San Francisco SFO Def - 9

Steelers, Pittsburgh PIT Def - 4

Childs, Greg MIN WR (Q) - 11

Smith, Alex KCC QB - 7

Vick, Michael PHI QB - 7

Bradshaw, Ahmad FA* RB - -

Brown, Donald IND RB (Q) - 4

Gerhart, Toby MIN RB - 11

Hardesty, Montario CLE RB - 10

Williams, DeAngelo CAR RB - 6

Garcon, Pierre WAS WR (P) - 10

Givens, Chris STL WR - 9

Wayne, Reggie IND WR - 4

Wright, Jarius MIN WR - 11

Celek, Brent PHI TE - 7

Keller, Dustin MIA TE - 7

Moeaki, Tony KCC TE (P) - 7

Tucker, Justin BAL PK - 8

Jets, New York NYJ Def - 9

Toon, Nick NOS WR (P) - 6

Rookie/FA Draft Picks:











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I am in a couple of his leagues (including this one), and they are always well run, paid out very quickly and a lot of fun....

For a 2 man dispersal, we won't do serpentine. We'll do an online dice roll for draft slot and then picks will just alternate.

Since you guys feel strongly about it, then we'll go with serpentine as we'd like to fill the spots as soon as possible. If you are interested in one of the spots, please contact me.

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Your Bylaws state:

III. Fees and Prizes

The yearly league fee is $100 per team. In the first year, each team will be required to put a $30 deposit down towards future years. This deposit will be returned/credited to owners after the 3rd year of play and prior to their 4th year of play. The purpose of this fee is to prevent owners from leaving teams in unfavorable situations where other ownership can be found. Should an owner leave before three years the $30 deposit is not refundable will be used to entice another owner to take over the team at the discounted rate without affecting the prize pool.
So, as your league looks like it is going into the 3rd year, is that $30 deposit still in play? IE, is there a $30 discount in taking a team in the league? I am interested, possibly, but would that make the fees $90 ($100 fee + $20 deposit - $30 credit).

No, the discounts are applied only when deemed necessary as an enticement if a player pool is particularly weak. This player pool is pretty solid and therefore a discount is not being offered.

No, the discounts are applied only when deemed necessary as an enticement if a player pool is particularly weak. This player pool is pretty solid and therefore a discount is not being offered.
So, you just gave the deposits back, against your own bylaws above?

And I would not exactly say the pool is that great...no tight ends at all to speak of, only 2 good RBs (so one each). To put it in perspective, I am in a few startup drafts this offseason, and there is really only 1 first rounder (ray Rice) and 1 second rounder (Alfred Morris) available. Not that great of a pool to be splitting 2 ways at all. Just saying, good luck to you all.

No, not what I said at all. The bylaws clearly specify that if an owner leaves the league the deposit is not returned within that 3 year period. As I mentioned above, that is kept in the LS account in the event that the dispersal pool is very weak. I run 6 leagues and there have been situations that have come up where the dispersal pool was far weaker than this and the discount was needed. We'll just respectfully have to agree to disagree on the quality of the player/pick pool. Anyway,good luck to you as well.


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