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Need 2 WR (1 Viewer)


Full point, PPR, need 2 WR this week in playoffs....

A Robinson vs GB
J Landry at Den
Pettis vs Sea
J Reynolds vs Philly
Gallup at Indy

Not the best group, thats why I need to get at least one good game from these guys, and let the rest of my team win the playoff matchup.

Right now I have ARob and Pettis in, but am considering Landry over Pettis.

Who you taking?

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I picked the worst two WRs from my roster, Landry and ARob, woulda been better with Pettis and Reynolds, but, I am only 13.1 down with Kamara left tonight.  Fingers crossed.

my matchup was like follies and not semi finals, we both had real stink jobs in our lineups.  Goff is starting to worry me for the finals(if I make it).


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