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Need 6 More For 16 Team League Drafting Saturday, Sept 2nd @ 8:00 PM - $30 buy-in (1 Viewer)


Yo, Gatorade Me ! - This is a new league 10 owners in and paid - $30 buy-in - Snake with 3rd Round Reversal - 16 Team - Redraft - 1 PPR & .5 PPR TE Bonus - SuperFlex (2 QB Max per roster) - Drafting Tomorrow (Saturday, Sept 2nd) at 8:00 pm central time. - Payouts: First $160, 2nd $90, 3rd 50, Four Division Winners $31, Most Points Scored Reg. Season $25, Winner of the Loser Bracket $21 Sleeper Link: https://sleeper.com/i/JggLBQQE95WG
Using leaguesafe with majority vote and 100% payout. League is on Sleeper. Looking for owners that can pay right away to get the league filled for tomorrow.

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