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Need IDP Pickup Help (1 Viewer)


Hey guys, I am in a bad way here. We start 1 LB and 1 DB....Currently I have Urlacher and M Brown from CHI, this is their BYE.LB...here are the top 5 available LBs based on AVG fantasy points:S Quarles vs DEDansby vs SFWitherspoon vs GBNguyen vs OAKHolmes vs DETDB....here are the top 5 available DBs based on AVG fantasy points:Parrish vs ARISharper vs ATLMcGee vs NOO'Neal vs HOUKiel vs NESuggestions......also I am afraid to drop Urlacher, might not be able to pick him back up after bye. Any of those LBs worth keeping permanently over him?Thanks!!

I wouldn't drop Urlacher. If you only start 1 LB and 1 DB, there have to be other options. From you list, Kiel is the best DB option. I'm not crazy about any of the LBs. Who else is there? Kirk Morrison is a great pick, as is Odell Thurman, and Derrick Johnson to name a few. Are one of those guys available?As far as DBs, list some others.

Yep, don't drop urlacher.I don't think you can do better then earl holmes. If caddilac rushes 37 times like last week(4 will be TD's, leaving 32 tackles to be made). Holmes will get the lions share of those tackles.

Also on the list, Mcgee is a keeper, #1DB, and a league winner if you get anything decent for return yardage.

I just picked Parrish up off the WW to start in place of Mike Brown this week. Parrish has a history of int's and is playing against a young, inexperienced QB who's team has two high profile WR's and no running game. However, I also have McGee as a permanent starter. If your league gets point for returns you really can't do much better than McGee. But I would definitely hold onto Urlacher. Bye week or not. If you drop him, someone will snap him up in a hurry.

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I'd go Parrish or Keil at DB. Don't drop Urlacher, however. Nothing too exciting at LB on your wire. I like Witherspoon but he missed last weeks game. I think he is questionable for this week so he may not help your bye week problem.


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