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Need Kicker help Week 4 (1 Viewer)


I need a kicker for this week.  My kicker Robbie Gould is on a bye, and I don't want to part with him. Besides, he would be picked up right away if I dropped him. So the player I need to drop is most likely Ty Johnson. My RB's are Conner, Jacobs, Drake, Chris Thompson, J. Jackson.

Here are my choices for Kickers this week in no particular order. I do need to put in based on who I should want first.

Adam Vinatieri vs Oakland
Matt Bryant vs Tenn
Zane Gonzalez vs Seattle
Aldrick Rosas vs Wash
Jason Myers @ Ari
Josh Lambo @ Den
Brandon McManus vs Jack
Matt Prater vs KC

 Chris Boswell vs Cinn

WHo would you go after for this week. What order would you place, just in case I don't get my first choice?

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I dropped Gould for Badgley, out of your list you should drop Gould for Gonzalez.  Keeping a kicker on a bye week is mindless when you have a guy who is a lottery ticket and one injury away from becoming fantasy relevant. After Gonzo, Myers, Rosas. With all those kickers available do you really think someone is going to pick up Gould on a bye week?  I don't see it happening. Kickers just aren't that important.


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