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Need Major Help Lineup: COVID Problems with RB and 2 Flex: PPR Full point,TE 1.5 PPR. (1 Viewer)


Already short handed this week with injuries and byes.

I need help with my lineup. I need to start one more RB and 2 flex(RB,WR, TE). You'll see why I need help.

Here is my lineup that I have in right now

QB:DeShaun Watson
RB: Antonio Gibson
RB: Derrick Henry(Playing Tues, Maybe)
WR: Justin Jefferson
WR: Jamison Crowder
Flex: AJ Brown (Playing Tues, Maybe)
Flex: Cole Beasley (Playing Tues, Maybe)
TE: Cameron Brate

As you see I have Henry at RB and AJ Brown and Beasley at flex

Here are my alternative for Henry(Latavius Murray (Monday Game) or D'Ernest Johnson (Sunday 4:25PM)

For Flex , I could use one or both of those RB's or I also have Keelan Cole or possibly Jordan Akins. My other guys are on byes or injured

What do I do? I really need to win this week and will be a big underdog if I go with these backups. Need big upside.

Keep what you have, hopefully we get some clarity Sunday morning on if the Bills/Titans game is likely to play


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