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Need Multiple Owners in Multiyear, Redraft, 12 TEAM, PPR, FLEX on NFL.com drafting 9 PM August 24 (1 Viewer)


Need multiple owners in multiyear, redraft, 12 team, PPR, FLEX on NFL.com drafting 9 PM August 24

PPR, FLEX, $100 league fees via LeagueSafe due ASAP but no later than 23 August.

Online draft August 24, 9 PM EDT.

12 teams, 3 divisions, 6 make playoffs (3 division winners, 3 wildcard teams). Wildcard teams are based on winning percentage with Points For us tiebreaker.


League Champion – $600
League Runner-Up – $400
Third Place – $200

Reply to dafter-flash@msn.com for priority acceptance.

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