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need owner who wants to write articles and (1 Viewer)


Guys and gals-

Site owners give the team owners in this league one team, free of charge, in return we are charged with contributing articles to their news site during the year.

Those article requirements are as follows-

1. write 6 articles per year on any Fantasy football subject of your choice. One of those articles will be credited when you participate in our annual NFL Mock Draft held end of Mar-early Apr each year. You will act as the GM for the 2 NFL teams you cover (see below)making their picks during that 2 round mock draft.

2. In addition, each owner covers 2 NFL teams, meaning he/she is responsible for submitting 6 articles per year on each team-for a total of 12- some examples are found at their news site but typical articles are: offseason review, UFA signings, pre and post NFL draft articles, preseason, in season....

by joining now I will prorate your article requirements for the remainder of the year to: 2 articles on any FF subject of your choice, and 3 team articles covering updates, etc to two NFL teams (Cin and Jax).

if interested PM me here and i will send you the Rules document to review.

thanks in advance


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