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Need Receiver, PPR Full point! Dropping kicker . D. Slayton, Zack Pascal, KJ OSborn and Quintez Zephus (1 Viewer)


This is full point PPR : Her are my WR's I have on my team right now.

Justin Jefferson, Tee Higgins (Hurt), Jaylen Waddle,  Tim Patrick(Hurt), Marquez Callaway(Doing Nothing),  Sammy Watkins, and Marquez Valding-Scantling

Need help. Starting 0-2

Going to drop my extra kicker for another WR

Here are my choices: Darius Slayton, Zack Pascal, KJ Osborn(Have Jefferson), Quintez Zephus(DET)

Who should I go for and in what order. I have to bid on the players to get them

Please help


Pigskin Fanatic

in order:

Pascal - hopefully Wentz is back sooner than later, if he misses time at all. with Wentz i'd give Pacal a high floor and lots of red zone looks.

Cephus - honestly, I dunno why he's doing so well. goff likes him and can't argue with the targets. goff locks into his first-second targets and thinks he can throw into tight coverage all the time, so good that cephus has the attention.

Slayton - i really really like him, but between his concentration lapse and QB connection, i'm not sure. before the season i really thought he was going to emerge as a 1B.

Osborn - you would never bench jefferson. so not likely you would ever start this guy with jefferson.



As a season long play, Pascal I think is the only one that stands a slight tier above the rest but the season long projectable differences between these players at this moment is razor thin and your odds of picking the "right guy" is about 1 in 4.

Not sure I'd play any of them over your other players this week as a injury filler (obviously we can't tell how many of them you need to roll out).

For this week: Jefferson (duh), Higgins if he plays, Patrick if he plays, Watkins. The other 4 guys on your list all have good matchups this week and could all ball out so I wouldn't particularly stress over which one you get if you're really living on a prayer like this.

Not a fan of MVS but he's the obvious boom-bust play. He and Pascal are obviously your TD plays. 

Retrospectively, it's not typically a good idea to draft or roster two kickers. You probably could have had a guy like Rondale Moore in the 14th and you'd be feeling a lot better about your roster. 



Also, you didn't mention any other guys on the waiver as season long plays but a lot of leagues might still be sleeping on guys like Terrace Marshall, Gabriel Davis etc. or if any of the IR guys are out there (Samuel, Jeudy, Bateman). I'd be more inclined to try to stick it out with the guys you have and make some upside plays or scour your league mates rosters for buy low guys and see if there's a match to value for guys on your team that have had a strong start and you expect negative regression. People in a pickle are 

Your whole team is for sale at the right price. Study trade value charts, start wheeling and dealing. You don't have much to loose at 0-2.


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