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Need Rock and Roller for advanced level 32 team IDP, PPR league with openings (1 Viewer)


Replacement owner needed for expert level league with top format.   The league is one of the most active in fantasy football and averages 100-300 trades per year.  Very active owner needed. Chat year around, music theme on site, top competition.


League Description “Rockers: A Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy”

The “Rockers a Rock‘N’ Roll Fantasy” is based on the success of 32 team leagues with the league concept “time tested” in that other leagues (Criminals, Legends, Gridiron Gods, UNFL, C2) have used the concept for many years and owners have found this to be one of the best fantasy experiences.

The format has the right amount of scarcity to promote trading, and enough positional diversity so that all positions are valuable. The roster size still allows for waivers while allowing franchises to build dynasty teams. Of all the leagues I have tried, this format is simply the most fun.

Comprehensive rules are on the site that should insure fairness.  Scoring is setup to value defense sufficiently that IDP can be valued on par with offensive players. 

Theme of combining Rock N Roll and football is an experience that combines great competition, football knowledge and wild trading decisions.

Contact: themooworkin@gmail.com

Rockers League Characteristics

Dynasty format – 40 man rosters plus 5 taxi squad players;

32 franchises – full trading between all teams

Starting Lineups – 22 starters: QB, RB, 3 WRs, TE, 2 Flex (of RB, WR, TE,) PK, Coach, PN

IDP – DT, 2 DE, 4 LBs, 2 CB, 2 S – many starting configurations; High value of IDPs.

Double players – 2 copies of players in player pool

Cost: $30 / year  with full payout of all moneys to winners of divisions, conferences, super

bowl, suicide pool, yearly high score, losers bowl, and weekly high scores.

Competition Level: High – serious interest in NFL football and high activity level is required to

succeed – year around waiver activity with rookie drafts in May –

Open Teams- remember there is a dispersal draft which includes picks from these teams)

Sister Golden Hair (filled)
Vulgar Display of Power (filled)

Pastor of Muppets (filled)

American Idiot (filled)

Another Tricky Day (filled)

Sweet Child O Mine (filled)

Copperhead Road (filled)

Ziggy Stardust

If interested please send a little bit about yourself and a brief fantasy bio to-

Contact:     themojoworkin@gmail.com

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Check that, not full- three additional teams are now open- this is a very active competitive fun league must be active to succeed in this league.


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