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Need TE help with Delanie Walker out for the year. Trade for George Kittle or free agent TEs? WHIR! (1 Viewer)


Play in a 10-team, 2 QB, .5 PPR league. Roster is:

QB: Rodgers, Goff, Tyrod

RB: Elliott, Mark Ingram, Jamaal Williams, Aaron Jones, James White, Alfred Morris

WR: Davante Adams, T.Y. Hilton, Doug Baldwin, Alshon Jeffery

TE: Delanie Walker

K: Zuerlein

DEF: Rams

There is an owner with Gronkowski and Kittle. 

His roster is:

QB: Brady, Prescott, Carr

RB: Gurley, Ajayi, Crowell, Duke Johnson

WR: Diggs, Fitzgerald, Golden Tate, Robby Anderson, Cooper Kupp

TE: Gronkowski, Kittle

DEF: Philadelphia

K: Gostkowski

Free agent TEs on waivers include: Njoku, Doyle, Ebron, O.J. Howard, Ricky Seals-Jones, Tyler Eifert. I feel like Kittle has huge upside and saw 9 targets yesterday (led the 49ers receivers in targets) but in my head feel like trading in week 1 is too early. Obviously trying to fill a need here though. Thanks for replying. Will help in return!

Njoku is someone that is intriguing. I would definitely get him off the WW. I would also then try and get Kittle. With his 90 yard performance though the asking price might be high. T.Y. Hilton could get him.

Thanks. I'm not in a position to send Hilton and I think it's a bit overpriced to pay for Kittle. Plus with Baldwin hurt, I don't have much depth behind Adams and Hilton at WR.

I'd go with ebron or doyle. Kittle's price is high right now. I'd roll with a FA and see how it plays out. Can always make a move later

The asking price would probably be too high but if he would take Jamaal Williams or Alfred Morris go for it. If not I'd rank them Ebron, Ricky Seals Jones, Doyle and Njoku. Those guys are all good enough and you don't give up anything.


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