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Need to sit one (guillotine) (1 Viewer)

Hurl Bruce

Guillotine league. 1/2 PPR

I just need to not get eliminated each week. FBG matchup dominator has me middle of the pack as far as projected score for the week.

I'm starting Tony Pollard for sure at RB.

I need two out of these three to round out my RB and Flex spots.

  • Aaron Jones (vs BUF)
  • D Foreman (vs ATL and Hubbard out)
  • Eno Benjamin (vs MIN and Conner out)
Jones is clearly a better back, but the BUF D scares me a bit. Which two do you pick?
I'd sit Benjamin. Not entirely sure why to be honest. Just feels right.

Foreman In for sure for me. Alt def and no Terrell I think so Carolina will pass and run at will. Benjamin probably the one to bench, they seem to like their other young rb (forget name), although GB is a wreck so I could see a way to bench Jones but I think he still gets more points than eno
In for me: A.Jones,even he doesn't get a lot of rushing yards he's involved in the passing game,could get 8-10 catches with a score
D.Foreman,it's Falcons defense,enough said

Out for me: E.Benjamin,I like him and actually have to play him in one league because of byes/injuries,but Vikings D is solid and Murray has to throw to win this game imop

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