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need to start 2 of these 4 RB's (1 Viewer)

I look to make a trade if you can only start two of those RB's every week.  Try and improve on a weakness because it certainly isn't at RB.

That being said I would go with Hunt and Mixon.  Although I think KC/NE will be a shootout I think NE will have to use more of White and the passing game than Michel.  I also think Mixon has a big game against the Steelers.  It was really a coin flip between Mixon and Michel.  DJ has the worst matchup so he seems like an easy sit but will probably go for 3 combined TD's and over 100 yds rushing...hahaha

thank you

I have tried for a WR trade, but no luck yet

I have Thomas, Cooks, Evans, Diggs, Ridley, Jeffery

now Michel is a gametime decision so I am leaning towards putting Johnson back in, thinking the Pats will use short passes with White as their running game

I like Sony and Hunt,but if you're unsure of Michel's status I'd plug Mixon in

see mine please


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