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New deep dynasty baseball league for serious owners only (1 Viewer)


NEW FANTASY BASEBALL LEAGUE FORMING for 2013. ** (Don't Miss Out On This One)Anyone interested in getting in on the ground floor of our brand new (8 x 8) "Head to Head" (20 Team) “Dynasty” KEEPER league ?? This new league will have 28 starters, 16 bench players and a 40-man Minor League roster. IF interested, please respond to this message right away. I’ve run a Fantasy Football League for several years and its time to do my thing for Baseball. For those who are familiar with the (Kevin Bass) Baseball Leagues, the format for this Baseball League that I’m starting will be very similar, but there are a few changes. My name is (Thomas Campoli) and I own a team called (Tom’s Ball Busters, KB-4). For those who might know me, I take the Commish job very seriously and will do my utmost best to make sure that everyone gets FAIR treatment and that the league will be competitive. I'm excited to get it started and hopefully it will be a lot of FUN for all of us. I will strive to make sure things go smoothly and I do try to run a tight ship. Attention to detail, keeping team owners informed and trying to avoid conflicts is the message of the day and it is my motto. Here are the basics of how this league will be. I have provided a complete breakdown of the payouts and how the money will be disbursed (100% payback, I pay an entry fee too). IF you want something out of the ordinary and like a challenge, this might be your cup of tea... Please check it out. It's not a cookie cutter league and its not for everybody (1st Year's Draft will be 84 Rounds and take several weeks via E-mail).** IF you're a serious competitor and are interested in a league like this, please let me know. It should be awesome. >> JUST DO IT !!Teams:Entry Fee: $100- Each x 20 Teams = $2,000 Purse (No Divisions)Host Site: CBS, Software $149.95Draft and Things:The Snake Draft (NL & AL Players) will begin in the early to mid part of February (84 Rounds) and will take several weeks to do (Slow Draft) and continue on after the season starts to fill the Minor League roster. The exact time and date for the draft to be announced which will depend on how quickly we can fill the league. In the early going there will be no time limit “per say” between picks, but IF time gets short before start of the season, we made need to warn teams who drag their feet and eventually limit the time between picks. After the 1st year League roster is complete, you’ll have an additional 10 draft picks assigned to each team (current year, plus you’ll see picks for a couple years ahead, i.e. thru 2015) and that will continue for subsequent years. There will be (10) Draft Picks added to your team each year. Draft Picks can be traded for other players, prospect or future draft picks.>> Dynasty Keeper League (No Contracts), Daily Activations, Weekly scoring periods (Two Teams, Head to Head), Transactions are unlimited and add/drops are handled via a Waiver process.Regular Season Format:Regular Season Final Standings (Thru Week #19)>> 19 Weeks -- Top (8) Eight Teams get Cash and Advance to Post Season for Fantasy Championship Series.1st. $500-2nd.$350-3rd. $225-4th. $150-5th. $100-6th. $ 75-7th. $ 50-8th. $ 25-Total: $1,475-** Note: "Regular Season" and "Post Season" are Separate with Cash Awards for each season.Post Season Format: (Weeks #20 thru #25)Fantasy Championship Series (8 Teams) / Upper Bracket: (Regular Season Teams who finish 1st through 8th)>> 6 Weeks (Three Rounds, Two Weeks/Two Scoring Periods per Round)1st. $140- ** League Champion **2nd. $ 80-3rd. $ 60-4th. $ 40-5th. -0-6th. -0-7th. -0-8th. -0-Total: $320-Post Season Format: (Weeks #20 thru #25)Consolation Series / (6 Teams) Lower Bracket: (Regular Season Teams who finish 9th through 14th)>> 6 Weeks, (Three Rounds) -- (Two Scoring Periods per Round)** Note: Team #9 and #10 Get a 1st Round "Bye".9th. $40- (Consolation Series Winner)10th. $20-11th. 012th. 013th. 014th. 0Total: $ 60-Post Season Format: (Weeks #20 thru #25)Draft Pick Lottery Playoff (6 Teams) (Regular Season Teams who finish 15th through 20th)>> 6 Weeks, (Three Rounds) -- (Two Scoring Periods per Round)** Note: Team #19 and #20 Get a First Round "Bye".15th. #1 Draft Pick16th. #2 Draft Pick17th. #3 Draft Pick18th. #4 Draft Pick19th. #5 Draft Pick20th. #6 Draft PickLeague Settings:>> Head-To-Head, **(Play TwoTeams Per Week)** – 16 Categories (8 x 8)Hitting Categories:(8.15-Pts. Possible)1.05 Pts. (BA)--Batting Average1.05 Pts. (HR)--Home Runs1.05 Pts. (SB)--Stolen Bases1-Pt. (RBI)--Runs Batted Inn1-Pt. (OBP)--On Base Percentage1-Pt. (H+W)--Hits + Walks1-Pt. ®--Runs1-Pt. (SDT)Singles, Doubles, Triples** Note: In an effort to prevent ties, three categories are weighted differently.League Settings:Pitching Categories:(8.15-Pts. Possible)1.05 Pts. (W)--Wins1.05 Pts. (K)--Strikeouts1.05 Pts. (WHIP)--Walks + Hits/Inning1-Pt. (ERA)--Earned Run Average1-Pt. (INN)--Innings1-Pt. (QS)--Quality Starts1-Pt. (3S+H)--3 Times Save plus Holds1-Pt. (GO)--Ground Outs** Note: In an effort to prevent ties, three categories are weighted differently.Rosters (84-Man Total):(28) -- Starters (16 Hitters, 12 Pitchers)(16) -- Reserves(40) -- Minor Leaguers>> Note: Injured Players are not allowed to be on the Injury List (Injured players must be a Reserve Player or Active player)** The injured roster spots are for draft pick place holders only **Roster Positions:** Hitters(16 Total)(2) -- Catchers(4) -- Middle Infielders(4) -- Corner Infielders(5) -- Outfielders(1) -- Designated Hitter** Pitchers (12 Total)Starting Pitchers, Relief Pitchers (Any Combination) – Can change or rotate any pitcher in and out of the lineup on a daily basis.Ties:** During the regular season Ties will count as a Tie.Tiebreakers:>> Seeding for the Playoffs <<Winning Percentage (Regular Season Thru Week #19).Head to Head Record (Who Beat Who)Total Points--For (Thru Week #18)Tiebreakers for Playoffs (Weeks #20 Thru Weeks #25):Head to Head Record (Who Beat Who)Playoff Seed (Better Seed Wins)Total Points--For (Current)Email me at fflallstars@gmail.com if interested. I will then send your email off to the commish of the league. There are 3 spots open and fees are kept in leaguesafe.Thanks,Malik


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