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New RSO 12 Team League - No Entry Fee (1 Viewer)



So a friend and I are starting up a new dynasty league at RSO. It's a 12 team 0.5 ppr league. Everything is pretty standard. We're looking for relatively competitive players, but this isn't a 32 team 53 man roster league, it's a 12 team 16 man roster league. The only fee is the $9.99 RSO team fee, other than that, we're just looking to have a good time and create a long-lasting dynasty league.

PM for the info!



Again the only cost for this league is the $9.99 RSO team fee. Other than that it is totally free. We're just focused on creating a good dynasty league with people that will stay in it. RSO's platform really is revolutionary and I think will make for a great experience.

We've already filled 4 of the 12 spots. PM me or respond directly to this thread if you're interested.




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