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My league is thinking of going to NFL.com from CBS. Does anyone have experience playing on NFL.com? There doesn't seem to be a cost for starting a private league. If anyone has used NFL before, I'd like to know what you think. Thanks.

My friends and I have used NFL since 09' and haven't looked back. I prefer it over others such as espn, nfl looks better and overall is better especially for private leagues i recommend using nfl, and if youre looking to start a dynasty league for free let me know

If youre willing to pay I don't think any site compares to myfantasyleague.com. I've used yahoo, ESPN, NFL, and fan ball but MFL has been my favorite. Fully customable and if you really want to spice it up hire a web designer like dagrafix. Has stuff for all kinds of budgets. I'm biased but I just upgraded my site and I think its awesome. Check it out if you like...



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