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O.K. QB help for week 1...will respond (1 Viewer)


FFPC scoring,pick a qb,comments welcome,will respond in kind if you like:

T.Lance @ Chi.
K.Cousins vs GB
Hmm, this is a tough call. I might go with Lance - I think the Bears might have a decent defense when all is said and done, but there are so many new pieces, rookies in the secondary, new scheme, etc., that Week 1 might be a bit of a mess. On the other hand, Lance might be a bit of a mess.

With Cousins, my blanket assumption is whatever he did last year is last year, and we have no idea what version of Captain Kirk we're getting this year.

Would appreciate some help with my question: https://forums.footballguys.com/threads/first-round-advice-for-keeper-league-draft.806037/
Over the last two years on opening day, GB's defense has given up 34 and 38 points to the Saints and Vikings. Unlike the previous post, I thought Cousins has been pretty consistent. I'd lean towards Cousins. It's the upside of Lance that makes it so tough. But I think I'd go with Cousins.
This is why I take 1 QB. I have no idea if Lance is just hype or not. I'd lean Cousins since I know what I'm getting. If you like to take risks, then go Lance.

Should you win the matchup if all your players play average? Is the other team better and you need to hit ceilings from your players to win? These two questions dictate the direction I would go. If you need ceiling to win go with Lance. If you need floor to win go with Cousins.

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