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OBJ for D Cook trade (1 Viewer)


I was offered OBJ, A Collins and Chris Godwin for Dalvin Cook, Antonio Callaway and Derrick Henry. I know I should pull the trigger on this but am having a hard time. Might just be because I’d like to keep Cook and hope he’d perform being a Vikings fan. Am I talking myself out of a trade I should take asap or isn’t it that big of an advantage for my team. Here are the rest of my rbs and wrs

rbs- Gurley, Lindsay, R Freeman, A Jones, Drake and Bell

wrs- Juju, Gordon, Goodwin, G Allison, Valdes-Scantling,  Coutee

In a way I feel it will hurt my depth at RB and not sure I really need OBJ with what I have. Be a lot easier if Bell was back


edited to add it is .5 ppr and redraft 

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Right now Collins will be good enough to play as your RB and OBJ immediately becomes your top WR.  Losing Cook isn't a terrible thing with what you have.  I would make the deal.


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