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cos/GM take:

Dee Gordon, SS, LAD

Rob Brantly, C, MIA

Pump takes his make up picks:

Gavin Floyd, SP, CHW

Ruben Tejada, SS, NYM

I'll take:

Drew Smyly, SP, DET

Chem X still skipped, so Funke/E-Z can pick.

24.14 Chem X - skipped

25.03 Chem X - skipped

26.14 Chem X - skipped

27.03 Chem X - skipped

27.04 Funke/E-Z - OTC

27.05 FDAS/Tat -

27.06 Greco -

27.07 Hack/Rude -

27.08 RnR -

Sorry, was doing that stupid Family Time thing last night. Fired up the grill in this gorgeous NW weather.

Also, the makers of the game Blokus can blow me. :thumbdown:

I'm about to be out for a few hours. going to send a 3 man list to cos & pickles for my last two picks.

If no one on the list is available for the rd 28 pick, just skip me.

i owe 4?

jason vargas, p, laa

jose tabata, of, pirates

franklin gutierrez, of, sea

logan forsythe, ?, sd

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It's actually kind of warming up here. Going to go change the oil, clean the grill, and some other stuff. Back later.

We're up?
27.12 Pumpnick27.13 TU27.14 Hoos27.15 GWB27.16 Kraft28.01 Kraft28.02 GWB28.03 Hoos28.04 TU28.05 Pumpnick28.06 TRE28.07 shuke28.08 Eephus28.09 RnR28.10 Hack/Rude28.11 Greco28.12 FDAS/Tat28.13 Funke/E-Z28.14 Chem X28.15 Pickles28.16 cos/GM

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