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Thanks again to @TheWinz for doing the reg season, I'll once again fire up the playoff one now! New people welcome! If you haven't played this yet and want in, just post your picks and the scores will be tallied.

Same Rules as Regular season. Pick a team each week that you think will score the most, and a defense that will allow the least points against. The difference is your score for the week. Teams can only be selected ONCE during the first 3 rounds, so choose strategically!!!! (Everyone should still be able to pick one team's offense and one team's defense in the Conference Championship weekend (as you'll have only have used 2 offenses and 2 defenses to that point)

Super Bowl will reset and we will use halves and everyone will get to pick one of the teams' offensive halves and defensive halves (for example: Bengals 2nd half offense and Vikings 1st half defense). So you do NOT need to save your super bowl teams as the super bowl resets. No one should run out of teams to use, it hasn't happened in past years.

Here we go!!
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Will I try my unreasonable restriction in the postseason? Maybe....unless I don't.

Offense: Detroit vs RAM IT! :excited:

Defense: Beefalo vs Pittsburgh



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