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Official 4th Pick thread (1 Viewer)


I can't find one yet.

I have 3 drafts this year where I have the 4th pick.

With Foster's status (and as one who has had the steroid injections into my herniated disc) 4th pick looks to be Richardson, Lynch or Megatron (in tonight's draft I have Spillar as a Keeper).

First draft is tonight and I'll post the results here, but if anybody else has anything, please share.

I have a draft in a week and a half and have the 4th pick in a 1/2 PPR RB 1 PPR WR and 1.5 PPR TE. If it were today I would take one of Peterson, Martin, Charles or Spiller, likely ranked in that order.

i expect Peterson and Martin to be gone

I have a draft in a week and a half and have the 4th pick in a 1/2 PPR RB 1 PPR WR and 1.5 PPR TE. If it were today I would take one of Peterson, Martin, Charles or Spiller, likely ranked in that order.
I expect Peterson and Martin to be gone by #4. I'm not counting on Charles wither - though I would jump on him if he fell to me.

In Mocks I'm ending up with:

Richardson - RB

Thomas - WR

Gore - RB

Bowe - WR

Gronkowski - TE

Also have the 4th pick in a 10 team PPR draft coming up. I also have Spiller as a keeper. I'm leaning towards Charles/Rice/McCoy in that order. Even with 2 stud RBs if someone like Forte is there in the 2nd, I plan on taking him. Otherwise should be a top 4 WR and Graham to choose from. Passing TDs are 6pts so if Brady or Manning are there I'm gonna have another decision but will probably "pass". Really want to wait until the middle rounds for a QB.

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McCoy isn't an option for you? I like him a lot this year in Kelly's offense.
yeah i took Mccoy over Charles and TRich in a PPR mock last night. Maybe that's the wrong move but Shady has looked awesome this preseason. Trich is also a stud I don't think you can go wrong either way. A little more risk with Shady and his concussions.

The only thing would be if you have Spiller as your keeper already and you take Shady would be both your starting backs have the same week 12 bye week..which could be the week you just tank, or something to think about


I'm joining a 12 team ppr league that has been around for 20 years. I've looked at draft history to try and find tendency's and with 6pt TD's for QB's, they get snatched up quickly. In fact, last season 6 qb's taken in round 1

( :fishy: ) while the eventual champ waited and took Romo in rd 5. I'm leaning on taking Calvin with the 1.04 and seeing how it plays out between best available RB/WR or Jimmy Graham at 2.09. Most mocks, I've seen DeMarco, Reggie Bush, McFadden and MJD available at 3.04 but the talent starts to fall off pretty quickly from there on at RB. If I don't go with Calvin in round 1 and AP, Martin, Charles are gone I could be talked into taking McCoy, Richardson, Foster or Rice in any order. At this point, however I'm Shuked :shrug:

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I draft Sat morning at #4 in a 12 team redraft 3/4 PPR league where QBs get 6pts for a TD. First pick to me seems easier. I assume AP will be gone for sure. Therefore: I expect to have my choice of:

Martin, Foster, Charles, Spiller, McCoy, Rice, Richardson. (minus probably two choices)

Can you really go wrong with any of them? They would all be sweet in the first round. Pick one, the rest will be gone by your next pick.

For me, 2.09 and 3.04 are more interesting to think about.

Go with another RB? Will Bush, Sproles, Gore be available?

Go with QB if Rogers/Brees are there?

Go with Jimmy Graham (expect him gone)

Sitting in #4, I think these two pick will really make/break the team.

I will probably pick up a RB in 2.09 and a WR in 3.04 unless a stud QB or Graham is still available. Grab a QB in 4-6. Won't get as good as the top tier, but still have maybe Brady, Manning, Stafford, Ryan.


We're also drafting 4th in a non-ppr redraft, 12 team, 6 pts all touchdowns, having a hard time as well. Foster is scary, assuming AP is gone as well as Charles and Martin it's a tossup.

Spiller concerns me with being behind in games, are the Bills going to be any good or be behind by 20 at the half?

McCoy is interesting but he's one concussion away from being mush, he got hurt bad at the end of last year a couple of times didn't he?

Had Rice last year (@4) and although he did well Flacco was throwing it all over the place to get paid, he's got new paper so do they go back to the run more with Bolden gone? Rice is rumored to be more involved in the passing game this year.

Don't know a lot about Richardson to be honest, I know he's got skills but is also injury prone, who isn't in the NFL?!? I think 4 is too high for him, we are talking about Cleveland here...

In a non-PPR Megatron isn't worth it, by the time we draft again your backs will be weak at best...

Take Foster @4 and you'll have to use ~7th and grab Tate, there's a roster spot wasted as you won't play them both.

Not a bad problem to have to be honest!!!

10 team Redraft, 14 rounds - 1 optional keeper - keeper position determined by last years draft.

01.04 RB Jamaal Charles - AP, Foster, Martin 1,2,3

02.07 WR Demaryius Thomas - Since I already had Spillar with keeper, went WR, WR with 2/3
03.04 WR Andre Johnson

04.07 RB Lamar Miller - Best Value pick at the time.

05.04 TE Rob Gronkowski - Hard to pass on the Gronk in the 5th. He led me to back-to-back Champioships last two years. Immediately put him on IR and picked up Bennett who was undrafted.

06.07 RB C.J. Spiller - Keeper

07.04 QB Colin Kaepernick - such value - hard to pass him up in the 7th. He was the 8th QB off the board.

08.07 RB DeAngelo Williams - probably should have taken Shane Vereen but DW was #1 on value RB's in 10 team perfect draft article.

09.04 DEF Seattle - First DEF off the board - #1 by our scoring system My Custom ADP suggested that DEF's were about to come flying off the board (8 came off by my next pick), so I passed on WR's for now.

10.07 WR Miles Austin All 3 of my top remaining WR's at the 9.04 pick were left on the board.
11.04 WR Mike Williams - #1 value in Perfect Draft
12.07 WR Vincent Brown Value and also one of the most underrated WR's

13.04 PK Stephen Gostkowski - It was either Gostkowski or Bradford and based on what others had already drafted, figured Bradford would still be there when the draft came back around

14.07 QB Sam Bradford - and there he was....

According to DD Team strengths, I have the strongest team. According to Rate My Team I have a 99% chance of making the playoffs...
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I'm not sure if I missed it but is this a PPR league, if so I definitely would've went after Vereen. Regardless, yeah you had a rather strong draft.

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SameSongNDance said:
I'm not sure if I missed it but is this a PPR league, if so I definitely would've went after Vereen. Regardless, yeah you had a rather strong draft.
Not a PPR.

Anyone draft last night? I draft tomorrow night and am all over the place. I've now got Richardson on the clock at #4. We'll see if that changes in the next 24 hrs...

I was in the 12 spot but traded up to the 4th spot because the guy there didn't want it. We swapped our picks back in the 9th. It's a 12 team, PPR, start 1,2,2,1,1,1, QB TD's are 6, with no flex. It's a very competitive league that we've had for over 20 years. Here are my first 8 picks from the 4 hole:

1. Richardson - (Peterson, Spiller, and Martin were gone) I like Richardson to the the top RB this year. I am all in on him.

2. D. Thomas - (Bush, Fitz, Murray, MJD, Brees, Cobb were the next to go) Really happy he got to me. I would have taken Fitz, Julio, Green, Dez, Marshall, or Graham here, but Thomas and Fitz were the only ones left.

3. Peyton Manning - I am in love with Manning this year. Brees and Rogers were gone, and with QB TD's being 6, I really wanted a rock at QB.

4. Amondola - I'm a little worried about his injury, but he will be PPR gold if he stays healthy. I could see him catching 120 balls this year if he plays 16 games.

5. Vernon Davis - I am probably higher on Davis than most people are, but he's another guy I really like a lot this year. Graham, Gronk, Witten, and Gonzo were already gone, and I really didn't want to deal with TE roulette, especially since I'm so high on Davis anyway.

6. G. Bernard - Here's where it got a little sketchy. All the RB's were gone (I could have had Garcon or Deangelo here, and I really considered both of them). I just feel like Gio could take over the starting spot in Cinci in week 4 or so, and if he does, he could be really good. I figured RB2 was going to be a rough spot all year, but I just have to hit one of them to be OK.

7. Mendenhall - Was looking great early, then hurt his knee. He got hurt about 15 minutes after I drafted him. We'll see how it turns out.

8. Greg Jennings - Not a bad WR3. I'm not a huge fan this year, but he could catch some balls.

After that I dropped back down to the 12 spot, so things might be skewed a little. I ended up getting both Dwyer and Redman, Chris Givens and Aaron Dobson.

So that's my draft. I'm pretty happy with it overall, especially if Gio comes through.

My 10 teamer, 1 Keeper, no PPR from the 4 spot. Start QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, Flex, D, K

1. A.Peterson RB Keeper

2. D.Bryant WR

3. Dem. Thomas WR

4. P.Manning QB

5. R.Mathews RB

6. L.Miller RB

7. O.Daniels TE

8. H.Nicks WR

9. A.Luck QB

10. K.Thompkins WR

11. B.Powell RB

12. B.Tate RB

13. R.Broyles WR

14. NE D

15 B.Walsh K

16 J.Thomas. TE

Bench needs work, feel like I nailed the 1st 10 rounds then kind of fell off for a couple picks. D's were coming off in round 8.

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Had the fourth pick in a ten-team PPR redraft league this past weekend. Start 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 1 Flex (RB/WR/TE), 1 D/ST, 1 K. 6 points all TDs. Here's how it turned out:

1. Arian Foster RB (injury/workload concerns would've scared me off of slecting him at two or possibly three, but I felt I couldn't pass him up at four)

2. Matt Forte RB (surprised he fell that far in a PPR league)

3. Larry Fitzgerald WR (think he was the best of what was left, except for Andre...but I didn't want to go all-in on Houston)

4. Victor Cruz WR

5. Pierre Garcon WR

6. Tony Gonzalez TE

7. Daryl Richardson RB

8. Cecil Shorts WR

9. Robert Griffin, III QB

10. Colin Kaepernick QB

11. Ben Tate RB

12. Kenbrell Thompkins WR (I felt I had to pull the trigger)

13. Andre Brown RB

14, Bilal Powell RB

15. Brian Hartline WR

16. Houston D/ST

17. Julius Thomas TE

18. Kenny Stills WR

19. Shonn Greene RB

20. Phil Dawson K

My thoughts: I feel ok about this team. I doubt it will be anything special, but I think it should be decent at least. I'm not the biggest fan of the QBs I picked, but I just felt I had to wait on them this year. Romo was selected at the pick before I snagged Griffin. Ah, well. Such is life. And there will also be some Bye Week issues, and there could be better RB depth, but most weeks I think it could be pretty balanced.

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PPR with all TDs worth 6. Weird draft this year. Lots of people ignoring what I considered value and just drafting RB (18 in first 2 rounds). I went in with a plan of going RB/RB but jsut couldn't pull the trigger when it was my plan. I got burnt waiting around on by RBs but hopefully I have enough other quality players to make up for the gap @ RB2.

1. Charles - I have him as my #2 overall and got him @ 4. Also Chiefs homer here. Had Shady as my alt pick

2. AJ Green - Had him as my #3 WR so was happy to take him here

3. Drew Brees - Again, crazy draft. I fully intended to wait until the 7th or 8th to draft QB. Too much value to pass.

4. Gronk - Was targeting David Wilson with this pick and he went right in front of me. Picked Gronk right about his ADP. Expect a QB run to start soon base on how prior drafts have gone.

5. Witten - all #1 RBs gone at this point. Next few picks were the likes of Decker, Mike Wallace types. Witten provides some tradebait and Gronk insurnace. Can also have a WR/TE flex position. Our top 3 histoically score like a high WR2/low WR1. Still wiaitng on that QB or hoping to start a TE run.

6. Nicks - Potential with significant risk. I have him as a solid WR2 in my ranking so happy to get him here.

7. Vereen - in a full point per reception league he is servicable but not thrilled he is my RB2.

8. Britt - another boom/bust pick especially based on injury risk. Have him ranked as low WR2

9. Gordon - Yep, that's me. injuries and suspensions. Mid round picks with question marks but high ceilings.

10. Fred Jackson - Spiller already banged up in the last preseason game. Not much hope of this panning out without injury but possible trade bait.

11.S. Rice - hoping for some magic since Harvin's status is unknown. Not sure how many balls there are to go around in SEA but thinking nice upside for 11th round if he stays healthy.

12. G. Hartley - thought this was the 13th rd. way too many cocktails.

13. Hopkins - had to leave the draft due to time contraints. phoned in the call. Will be my first drop on WED when the wire opens as I will be jumping on Ryan Williams with the news of the Mendenahll knee issue

14. KC Def - yes, I am a homer but I like their week 1 matchup against JAX. Will play WW matchup d again this year.

Hope this helps in some way.

Just drafted. Went...

Have the 4th pick in 2 .5 PPR drafts this weekend and am torn among Calvin, Richardson, Charles, McCoy, Foster, etc.

Anybody have any more results or opinions for the #4 slot? I am leaning Charles or Richardson out of that list....

Anybody have anything new to add after this weekend?

Tomorrow nights draft is 12 team 0.5PPR. Leaning towards grabbing a decent RB#1 Spillar, McCoy, Richardson) and a quality WR or Jimmy Graham with my #2.

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Just drafted in a 12 team non-ppr QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/TE/FLEX league. League went very RB heavy so I ended up having to just take what value dropped to me.

1. (4) Doug Martin RB

2. (21) Jimmy Graham TE

3. (28) Demaryius Thomas WR

4. (45) Rob Gronkowski TE

5. (52) Tom Brady QB

6. (69) Ben Tate RB

7. (76) DeSean Jackson WR

8. (93) Le'Veon Bell RB

9. (100) Ronnie Hillman RB

10. (117) Michael Floyd WR

11. (124) Knowshon Moreno RB

Hopefully this will help someone with a late draft. Pretty competitive league with knowledgeable drafters and a decent pot. Offer feedback if you want.

Just finished out of the 4 spot (12 team- PPR)

1. McCoy- AP, Martin and Charles were gone. I was debating between Spiller and TRich as well.

2. Chris Johnson- I wanted a RB2 and there were a number of WR's left that I knew I'd get a good one in Rd 3 (AJ Green, D Thomas, Julio, Dez, David WIlson and Sproles went at the turn)

3. Andre Johnson- Would have preferred the other WR's that went in the turn, but my RB2 would have suffered. Fitz and Roddy were available.

4. Lamar Miller- CJ?k scares me a bit so Miller is a good RB2 option and Flex player. Daryl Richardson, Garcon, Peyton, Newton and Brady went at the turn)

5. Matt Ryan- 3 QB's going at the turn had me look to Ryan since I had him rated #4QB. Kapernick, Stafford, RG3 and WIlson all went before my 6th pick

6. Hakeem Nicks

7. James Jones

8. Jared Cook

9. Stevie Johnson

Jay Cutler

blah blah blah

Tonights draft. 12 team 0.5 PPR. I have 10+ years worth of draft data on this league, so I have a fairly good idea of what baselines and ADP should be.

Bottom line from Rate My Team:
  • With great inseason management, we think you have about a 99 percent chance of making the playoffs.
  • With good inseason management, we think you have about a 90 percent chance of making the playoffs.
  • With average inseason management, we think you have a 86 percent chance of making the playoffs.

01.04 RB5 LeSean McCoy
02.09 RB11 Matt Forte
03.09 QB1 Cam Newton
04.09 WR10 Dwayne Bowe
05.04 WR18 Pierre Garcon
06.09 WR19 Cecil Shorts
07.04 RB23 Chris Ivory
08.09 RB25 Rashard Mendenhall
09.04 TE10 Jared Cook
10.09 DEF8 Baltimore
11.04 WR25 Vincent Brown
12.09 PK2 Randy Bullock
13.04 WR37 Michael Floyd
14.09 QB18 Sam Bradford

[SIZE=small]Our 3rd round is flipped, so I actually draft 4,9,9,9,4 rounds 1-5. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]First 3 went AP, Martin, Foster. Could have grabbed CJ at #4 or Jamaal Charles, but since I have CJ in one league already, I didn't want two leagues go bad should he go down. I also wanted to take the chance on McCoy who could go nuts in the new Eagles Offense. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]Forte in the 2nd was a steal. He was the last of the top RB's but 3 guys grabbed QB's and Graham went as did 4 WR's so that left Forte to me. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]I was shocked to see Cam Newton fall to me at the end of the 3rd at pick 33. Vincent Jackson was still there, as was D. Bowe (about equal value) so I took a chance that I could grab a decent WR. Here I referred to Blooms master Plan on WR's - grab quality WR's in the 4,5,6 - and they were there. Was thrilled to get Bowe at the end of the 4th.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]7,8 - Value picks. there was a run on QB's going and there were some questionable RB's taken early (Bernard, Tate) so I grabbed two starters who had great value and might be useful off the bench or for trades. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]9 - TE. Gates had come up earlier, but he's old and been injured so I referred back to my master plan and found a high ceiling 2nd Tier TE1. Probably could have grabbed Rudolph at 8 and grabbed Mendy on the flip, but it is what it is.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]10 and out - value as it came to me.[/SIZE]
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