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***Official Thread for The Last Of Us for PS3 and now PS4*** (1 Viewer)

Bucky86 said:
AK83NY said:
Bucky86 said:
This game is awesome.
Finally downloading it! You do multiplayer? By default of only having 3 ps4 friends you are technically my best playstation friend even if I sucked in battlefield....
Haven't tried the multiplayer yet. Will probably give that a go soon. The single player is so dang fun.
Ahhhh well I can't wait to start playing single tonight. Took all last night to download and that included my PS4 crashing (red ring of death flashbacks came to me) but thankfully I got it re-booted. I haven't played a good single player game since Skyrim so I'm excited.

I have a few complaints with some of the gameplay aspects of Winter (they kind of feel like nitpicking having just played through it again), but in terms of narrative it has to be up there with the greatest video game sequences of all time.

Finished the game last night.

ETA: Multiplayer is kind of fun too. What load out/perks do you like the best?

Hunting rifle is a beast.

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I think they're playing on EASY but it might just be NORMAL mode.

I started playing this last night after not touching this game for two years and got to the point they are at in this video. I haven't gone through the hotel yet but I'm playing on HARD difficulty. Resources are scarce. Very scarce. I'm still looking in every nook and cranny for comics, artifacts and whatever else... not finding many.

They have to make another one of these. Does anyone know but the LEFT BEHIND DLC I think is on my PS3 but I have never paid for it nor have I ever paid for PS+... maybe its a simple link to get me to pay for it but I'm not sure.

I just wanted to comment that I like the multiplayer on LoU cuz I suck at team shooters and we get to be on the same team to kill CPU/zombies.


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