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On average, how do the "big" traders do in your league? (1 Viewer)


It seems like every league has one or two owners who are always looking for a trade; sometimes just for the sake of trading.

My question is, how do these owners typically fare at the end of the season? In my experience, they end up with pretty good records, but never win the championships.

By "big", do you mean "often"? There are a number of us that are always looking at trade scenarios. That doesn't mean we trade a lot. The teams that do trade a lot for "tradings sake" have not faired so well. None have ever made the playoffs.


By "big", do you mean big trades, like a bunch of swapped players and picks? In this case, the team that is willing to pay a little extra to get a player (or two) usually ends up in the hunt right until the end. My big trades have earned me a title. Plus shots at 2 others where I came away the loser of the championship game. Other teams in my league who are willing to pay for what they want are perennial playoff contenders.

There's a guy in the big money league I'm in that offers uneven trades constantly, the funny thing is that once in a while he'll get someone to bite so as far as trades go he usualy does pretty well, last year he ended up trading Kevin Jones and Marvin Harrison for Adrian Peterson he ripped the guy off but by the time he got Peterson most of his big games were done so he didn't help him much. Overall he hasn't done very well in the league though but I don't think it's due to his trades, it's more due to dumb luck (his WRs were Marvin Harrison and Torry Holt last year).

They don't do well from what I've seen unless there's a lot of guppies in the league. Big traders typically don't have a plan. They just trade like chickens with their head cut off.

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It got me the Superbowl last year when L.J. went down and my only other back was FWP. The trade was for Ryan Grant and I gave up Brandon Marshall.

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Most think they are brilliant, and pull off great deals like getting Addai in a package for ADP and Braylon Edwards last year...


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