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One Opening - $100 - 12 Team Keeper League - Slow Draft (1 Viewer)


One Opening - $100 - 12 Team Keeper League - Slow Draft

- 0-2 Keepers (keepers aren't forced to be kept)
- Players kept will cost 2 rounds prior to where they were drafted in the previous season
- Players drafted in the first 2 rounds of the previous season are not eligible as keepers
- Flex (RB/WR/TE)
- Weekly Free Agent Bidding
- No Trading

All details can be found on the rules page on MyFantasyLeague.com:

Legend Killer is the available team.
Pre-Keepers - Rosters:

We are raising the fee from $75 to $100 this year.
Champion = $400
Runner Up = $200
Third Place = $100
Most Points For (17 weeks) = $100
Division Winners (3 payoffs) = $15 ($45)
Weekly Highs (17 payoffs) = $15 ($255)

I’ve been running online leagues for the past 25 years.

Contact if interested at djacksports1@gmail.com

I also run Survivor and Pick'em pools at https://djacksports.com/

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