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One opening, $40 fee waived, 11 of 12 teams filled (1 Viewer)


We are looking for only one new owner this year for a pay league. As a new owner you get the first year free, just make sure you are someone that will stick with it until the end and you are welcome to join. Let me know if interested. Thanks.

Getting close to filling the spot, the draft has been set for Monday at 8 pm. Post if you will be able to make that date/time. Thanks.

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Below is the league info, it is currently hosted on CBS but we are willing to move next season if another site supports the playoff format, we do a weekly write up on the games so it is entertaining. Winner gets a nice trophy and winnings. If you join, you get the first pick in the draft. Please let me know if still interested after reading, thanks.

Every owner(s) of a team are entitled to the following:

1. Selection of players during the player draft.

2. The ability to manage the team including the selection of the players that the team will field each week.

3. The option to sign any unsigned player and to trade players with other League teams.

4. To receive recognition for each high scoring regular season victory.

5. The potential to make the playoffs and advance to the Super Bowl.


The draft will consist of 14 rounds for 14 player roster. The remaining two spots will need to be picked up off of waivers. One defensive/special team must be taken with a maximum of two defensive/special teams.

Each franchise drafts:

10 - 11 Offensive Players
1 - 2 Defensive/Special Teams (DT/ST)

If an NFL Player starts at more than one position during the NFL season, the franchise will earn points if that player scores in any position, as long as the player was started that week.

Obviously, if a player has been drafted by one of the other owner’s team another team cannot draft him.

Owners are urged to do initial research and come to the draft with a list of potential players to draft. At the discretion of the Commish, if a team does not select a player in the allotted time, they will have to wait until the end of that draft round to pick a player. The draft can be a difficult process but if everyone comes prepared it will proceed smoothly. Teams not attending the draft will have to rely on the auto-pick. If the auto-pick is your only option due to obligations, players can be ranked before hand to set which are preferred to be drafted.


Each franchise submits a starting lineup of eight offensive players plus a defensive/special teams unit to our web site. Although, you have up to 1 hour prior to the first game for that week to select your starting line-ups, it is recommended to put in your starting line-ups early in the week. The league will not be responsible for line-up changes within 24 hours of the first game for that week due to website outages. If no starting lineup is submitted, the Commissioner assumes the franchise has no lineup changes.

The lineup consists of:

1 QB
2 RB
2 WR
1 TE
1 Flex
1 K

Franchises can have a maximum of 14 players on their roster. Additionally, one defense/special is required with a maximum of two defensive/special teams. Teams can add one or two additional player or a defensive/special teams based on their initial draft selections.

Franchises can trade one or more NFL players from one franchise to another. Players can be traded for defensive/special teams. Trades will be done real time.

A franchise may waive a player on its current roster and add a non-roster player from the
Available Players List throughout the season.

To be determined.

1. No player drafted within the First or Second round can be Kept.

2. Only players on your season ending roster are potential Keepers.

3. You may Keep no more than 2 players.

4. If you choose to Keep to a player the cost will be a draft pick two rounds higher than the position the player was drafted at during last seasons draft. If the player was not drafted last year the cost is a 10th round pick in this years draft. If you want to Keep "2" undrafted players the cost is your 9th and 10th round pick.Any player an owner chooses to Keep will cost a 10th Round pick minimum.

5. Previously Kept players from last years draft that cost a 9th or 10th round pick will now cost you two rounds higher in this years draft as the standard rule applies.


1. Trades will not be allowed after the 12th week of regular season. You can continue to draft any
player in the Available Players List.

2. If a team does not have enough players available at a position to field a team on any week,
you must drop an active player and sign a player to fill your roster.

3. All transactions will be reviewed by the league office for any infractions to the rules. If a
trade is declared invalid, the trade will be reversed.


Scoring is based on actual scoring and performances made by NFL players each week during
the NFL season. Only players listed as starters for each franchise receive points for that

Scoring Plays
0-9 Yards: 10-39 Yards: 40+ Yards:
Pass for TD 4 Points 6 Points 8 Points
Run for TD 6 Points 8 Points 10 Points
Catch for TD 6 Points 8 Points 10 Points
Pt & KO Ret for TD 6 Points 6 Points 6 Points

1-39 Yards: 40-49 Yards: 50+ Yards
Field Goal 3 Points 5 Points 10 Points

Performance Scoring

Passing Yards 1 Pt for every 25 yds to 250 yds
Passing Yards 1 Pt for every 10 yds after 250 yds
2 Point Pass 2 Pt

Rushing Yards 1 Pt for every 10 yds
2 Point Rush 2 Pts

Receiving Yards 1 Pt for every 10 yds
2 Point Catch 2 Pts

Defense or Special Teams

Saftety scored by a DT 2 Pts
Point after Touchdown 1 Pt
Sack Made/ 1 Pt
Int/Fum Recovered 2 Pt
DT or ST Return for TD 6 Pts

Yards Allowed 0 – 199 10 Pts 200 – 299 5 Pts 300 – 399 1 Pt
Pts Allowed 0 – 9 10 Pts 10 – 19 5 Pts 20 – 29 1 Pt

Penalties: -2 pts for interception -2 pts for fumble

P.S. There will be a short discussion on the point system at the draft party to determine if
any modifications need to be made.


Eight (8) teams will qualify for the playoffs with each team being seeded #1 thru #8. This also determines the draft order, with no reversal of draft order after each round. The match ups for the first round of the playoffs will be #1 vs #8, #2 vs #7, #3 vs #6, and #4 vs #5. The second playoff round will matchup the highest seeded team playing the lowest seeded team of the remaining teams. The "Wild Card" week of the NFL playoffs is ignored.

The factors in determining the seeding will be giving the Division Champions seeds #1, #2,
and #3, with five Wild Card teams. For determining seeding order for both #1, #2, #3, and
#4 thru #8, the following hierarchy will be used:

1. Overall League Won/Loss Record
2. Total Points Scored
3. Head-to-Head Won/Loss Record
4. Division Record
5. Coin Toss or Merger

Note: When more than two (2) teams are involved, Head-to-head Won/Loss record will only
be used if one of the teams was superior to every team it is otherwise tied with. For example,
if Teams A, B, and C all have a record of 10-7, and Team A had a record of 2-0 against
Team B and 1-0 against Team C, then Team A is superior. If Team A had a record of 2-0
against Team B, but was 1-1 against Team C, then Team A was NOT superior to all teams,
thus the next level of the hierarchy is used. The prior hierarchy also applies to playoff games in the event of a tie.

Note: In the playoff draft(s), there is only 8 players drafted and 1 defense (a starting lineup). Any player that was on your roster at the end of the regular season can be protected, but you will forfeit those number of picks, starting at the END of the draft. For example, if you choose to protect
3 players from your regular season roster, you will not draft in rounds 7 thru 9 of the draft.
Also, once you choose not to protect a player, he is a Free Agent for the remainder of the playoffs. You can still draft him, but you can't protect him.

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