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Orphan Available. First Year Free. (1 Viewer)


Looking for one owner to take over an orphan in a 12-team SuperFlex IDP League. The league started in 2017 and is headed into its eighth year.

This orphan holds the 1.10, 1.12, 2.03, 4.03 and 5.03 in the upcoming rookie draft.

Want an owner who will remain engaged and is ready for the challenge of a rebuild in a league that is extremely active. There were 46 trades executed in this league last year. (29 in the “off-season" including 13 during our week long annual rookie draft, and 17 after the NFL season started).

NO LEAGUE FEE FOR THE FIRST YEAR. $50 in year TWO via League Safe. Owner will be responsible for full dues (currrently $100) starting in year THREE.

email bammertime99@gmail.com if interested and include “Crackback” in Subject Line. I will forward you a link to the team roster.

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