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Orphed team at MFL needs one owner- 14 team ppr keep 4 (1 Viewer)

Dread Pirate

League filled. thanks to all who viewed the post. Good luck, boyz!

Our keeper league is looking for 1 owner to take over an orphaned team at MFL. It's a 20 roster spot, 14 team H2H, ppr keeper with weekly payouts, payouts for points and 1st thru 3rd overall. Winner of toilet bowl (post season for loser bracket) even wins an extra pick at end of following season 1st round. Fee's are about $10 per week (paid at beginning of season). Waivers whenever you want and trades with no voting.

We are keeping 4 players this year with a NFL style draft in first few rounds then serpentine the rest of the way. The orphaned team is stacked at WR including Dez and Cruz and the 3rd overall pick in the draft. With NFL style drafting that means in the first few rounds you will have the 3rd pick each of the first few rounds (the first 3 or 4 rounds).

heres the link


Most of us have been in the league for several years and the commish is very cool and quickly responds to any issues. We all appreciate very much the long standing records in our league and the small history we've built together and hope that it can continue. We would greatly appreciate a like-minded owner to join us and help keep this league fun and competitive for several more years to come.

you can contact me, Joe, at


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